Saturday, July 6, 2013

fickle-minded like that

I am fickle-minded and there's no denying it. Case in point: Remember when I said I want to have my hair permed? Few months after, I am seriously thinking of having my hair chopped into something super short. Pixie cut, perhaps? Just writing about it makes me all giddy {but nervous too}. Ohai, girl logic.

how about this?

I'll be amending my "getting my shit together" bucket list the moment I make up my mind - hopefully soon for my birthday. Help me decide? :)

this is how I look btw with curly hair
sorry Tin,  had to drag you in this :*

Hafta gooo! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, guys!

07.11.2013 Update
I changed my photo to something more decent just 'cause. I already said I'm fickle-minded, right?



Tsina said...

Ganda-ganda ni Emma. Pangarap ko din yan, kaso chubby cheeks! :P

Aiza said...

I support your pixie chick move, girl. Babagay sa yo kasi you are petite. And you have an oval face. Oval ba talaga? Basta yung hindi round or square kagaya ko. Looking forward to it! :)

Shayne ♥ said...

i love emma watson <3 and i think you can pull off the pixie cut because your face is very girly. :)isn't hard to maintain tho?

Sybil said...

love the curls.. but it would be interesting to see you in a pixie cut!!

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Apple Borbon said...

@tsina. let's try! medyo chubby cheeks din naman ako. :)

@miss 'chievous. looks oval at times, round at times. i'm so scaaareedd!!

@shayne. i think it is. hope it's worth it, if ever.

@libys11. thank you! love my curls too. can't seem to let go. haha!