Friday, July 12, 2013

sunday is family day ♥

Sunday is family day. Ha! Like anyone here still doesn't know that. I have to admit it's not every Sunday that we get to bond, eat out, or go somewhere but last Sunday is that kind of a day. Hashtag Thank You Lord. ♥

I was surprised when papi {my father, of course} passed by my room and said we'll go to church. We usually talk about a day's errand the night before so we can prepare outfits and stuff, but this time it was impromptu.  And because there's no way we can ever say no to papi, gora na! Chipped nails and all. 

But mind you, I was able to prep up my hair. Haha! I want to make the most out of my mermaid hair in case I finally decide to have it chopped off. I'm still in a state of confusion by the way - have it permed permanently or get a pixie cut? Lawd, this is so tough!!

Where was I again? Oh there, our family day. Hahaha! Before we left, we were making fun of our Margaux & Celyn pegs. Obviously, I was Margaux and Dana was Celyn. Even my little niece said "para kang si margaauuxxx". By the way, they weren't able to join us because she's not feeling well that day.

Margaux & Celine :P

even brother bear joined in the riot

Guess which church we visited? Hehehe. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan? Grotto Church, of course! Other visits here and here. :)

After the mass, photo ops followed. Our parents were quick to remind that we had to hurry 'cause papi has a meeting the next hour. Sino ba naman kami para umapila? Hahaha! So there, quick photo ops while eating chicharon, broas and many more merienda I'd rather not enumerate.

photo ops with the fam bam ♥

And then a guard passed by, imagine our excitement. I was the one who asked him for a favor. I've been the spokesperson of the family since I matured enough, all the more when I started earning decent salary. Anyway, below's the photo he took. Sarap batukan ni kuya! Hahaha! Joowwkk!

our blurred family photo right here

Before we left for for another photo-worthy location, our super sweet father handed mom her bag, as in iaabot lang sana. We couldn't resist taking his photo so we asked him to carry the bag a bit longer. He was super game! Love you to bits, papi! :*

we were sooo kilig seeing this ♥

And here's the other photo-worthy spot. Grotto church can be a church and a park at the same time, believe me! We saw other enthusiasts carrying DSLRs and a tripod, if I'm not mistaken.

cool kids, bro

We also tried to mimic our poses in an old photo but we failed big time. Never mind. :P Here's an OOTD to cap this post.

awkward pose is awkward :3

 More ootd posts here! Click as you please. Enjoy Friday night, you guys! :)



sherene said...

indeed sunday is a family day apple:)
loving ur family makikita mo tlga ang tight ng
bond u ..
loving ur pants too..


Nainggit ako ,,, ur blessedto have them :) ansaya ng family niyo

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

wow. this is nice. three sisters and a brother. kaming-kami talaga. haha

Anonymous said...

inday inday sa balitaw...hayzz