Monday, February 18, 2013

got to get my shit together

This year.. I'm going to get my shit together! Last year was crazy. And when I say crazy, I don't mean as shallow as bucket list related craziness. It's way more than that. It's a whole lotta mess with career and health at their worst. You don't want me to dig deep into the details. But as they say, fall down seven times stand up eight. I am bound to do that.

The thing is, I want everything documented. I have two huge scrapbooks documenting my life since the year I was born until I graduated from college. I stole a photo or two from our family albums in order to do that. My mom used to have a thing for albums and photos too until the four of us got old enough to archive our own memories. When I got to the real world - that is after graduating college, I had Facebook and my blog to  witness my life unfolding. And since 2010, my OC-ness wonderfully took a notch higher with Teeyah's bucket list influence. I had 25 before 25, then 2012 goals. I never got to finish both but as I always say, they still served their purpose - that is to give me direction and remind me from time to time of the things I need/want to accomplish. I can be fickle-minded at times and when I get confused, I get confused big time. Meeh.

It's pretty obvious. The whole point of this post is to create yet another blueprint of my life. Perhaps you'll be interested. Perhaps not. But so as long as this makes sense to me, I'll continue with this bucket list thing. If you're still with me, read on. :)

1. Take a freakin' rest!
First things first, REST! :) I've been a bum for exactly a month now. That calls for goal # 2..

2. Snag a new job.
I finally made up my mind. I want a new job abroad. Singapore or Malaysia. Too mainstream but let's face it, they are the closest thing possible. It's going to give you more stability financially, travel opportunities and a solid independence without being too far from your family and friends. I'll get in touch with you soon,

3. Save up.
And this time, I don't mean having an emergency fund to support your decision to go bum. It's sorta more mature.. like to be used for the future? As much as I hate to admit it, I'm not getting any younger. Time to grow up, little miss!

4. Start investing.
Time deposit and land properties. See? I am definite with this one. Could have said stocks and shares but my limited interest just won't extend to that and I know myself enough, if it's not something that interest me there's no way I am forcing myself into that. Little by little said my stubborn self.

5. Pay credit card dues.
If you're reading this mother, please do not panic! I have not messed up with HSBC just yet. Struggling a little, but definitely making it through. I'd finish all installments by this year and pay my next gadgets in cold cash. Let's just say I changed views with regards to this one.

Wheew, that's it for my grown-up goals. Let's move on with my travel goals..

6. Travel alone.
Destination? TBD. Hehehe. I just think it's liberating. And brave. And fun. I used to be so comfortable alone until I surrounded myself with friends. Sometimes it's good to be back to your old self. When I get to travel alone, I know for sure I'm back to my old anti-social hermit self.

7. Singapore.
8. Malaysia.
9. Hongkong.
I haven't gone out of the country and since I live in PI, where else to go first, right? If you think about it, some people can simply head to these places anytime without budget constraints yet in my case I still have to put them on my bucket list like they are the best dream places ever. But you know what, surprising as it is, I see this as a blessing. God may not bless me with so much wealth but He blessed me with the opportunity to work hard and be responsible for the materials things I want and for the places I want to set foot on. It's just a matter of perspective, believe me. :)

big three ♥

10. Ilocos.
Papi's province. Been here once when I was just a kid. I can only remember the huge windows of the ancestral houses and nothing else. Since Sheena included visiting Ilocos on her vision board, I thought to myself why not include it on my list too. After all, we usually travel together.

11. Davao.
Just to be fair with my mom. Hahaha! Kidding aside, really, just for the heck of it. One day I'd be able to say I've been to my mom and dad's respective provinces. Coolio!

Some more activities that may or may not be related to traveling..

12. Wakeboarding
Eeep! Done with this one. I went to Nuvali with the badjao people just the other day. Post on that shall follow, of course. :)

meanwhile, here's a teaser :')

13. Fishing
Remember how I got annoyed and frustrated that I didn't catch a single fish when we went fishing in Boracay? Now it's my goal to go fishing and actually catch a fish. I never had luck with anything related to 'fish'. Accenture people, pun not intended. Hihi. :P

14. Boxing
My love for aero kae bo made me want to try boxing. Incidentally, Groupon Philippines is hosting a deal in partnership with Elorde Boxing Gym. One boxing session for Php99 plus free membership. I got 5 vouchers for myself. Let's get it on!

15. Watch a movie in 3D.
I have never seen a movie in 3D. I am such a loser. Rub it in as you please.

Next.. Gadgets! Can you believe it? I just realized it's time to get out of my cave and finally get to meet Instagram.

16. New phone.
I've never been a victim of peer pressure. It's been a long time since iPhone and Android phones dominated the mobile scene but since my Samsung Star xP is still working perfectly, I never cared. Lately, it's been showing signs of retirement. I am eyeing Galaxy SIII in pink. Will it ever be available in PI?

loveleeey ♥

17. eBook reader.
Been in love with books since 2010. Sadly, books in their physical form take too much space. Add to that, expensive. I guess it's time I get a handy dandy eBook reader for myself. Practical enough?

18. External hard drive.
Because I have to quit using DVDs for my back-ups. Did I just hear you say old-school?

19. Laptop battery.
My laptop battery gave up on me earlier than expected. Although I really expected it to happen because I usually fall asleep while using my laptop - with battery on it, plugged and all. Pat on the back, Apple.

I have health slash vanity goals too. Girls will always be girls. 

20. Exercise regularly.
And I mean it! I've always been some kinda heavy personality-wise but never scale-wise. Now I'm getting heavy literally. I already did aero kae bo for four consecutive days but it got interrupted by my Nuvali trip. As soon as my body's no longer sore, I promise to workout again regularly. Pinky swear, anyone?

21. Visit my dentist regularly
I only had a serious dental problem once. Now it looks like I'm about to face another one as my two front teeth are starting to have a gap. Too much information, I know. :) I am not considering braces. Please. I can only go as far as retainers. 

22. Facial RF treatment.
It's only now that I realized I already need some serious TLC for my skin especially for my face. Sucks to cross your late twenties.

23. Hair perming.
Done with hair coloring, hair perming comes next. I often receive compliments whenever I curl my hair. I have considered it ever since and now that my hair is as long as that of a mermaid's, I guess it's time.

Fashion. Sometimes I wonder why my true passion gets pushed back. Anyway..

24. Take more OOTD shots.
And blog 'em. It's so much fun to dress up but sharing them doubles the fun. As soon as I get back to work, I'll buy a huge whole body mirror to capture my everyday look. Or probably live in a condo with elevator mirrors. So far, here's what I've got.

And lastly.. my ultimate dream!

25. Runaway
Not the run-away-and-never-come-back type though. I am thinking of living independently somewhere far for a month. I can probably do this along with my sixth goal of traveling alone. No work. No commitments. Just me and my crazy self. We all need to escape from the world sometimes. :)



ef said...

I like the last goal..hehe

Apple Borbon said...

@ef. thank youuu! :)

Aiza said...

Liberating enough, sis! Go for it! :)

Apple Borbon said...

@miss 'chievous. yay! thanks! :')