Tuesday, July 30, 2013

say it with me, oh-oh-tee-deeee

Heeey! Have you noticed? I'm obsessing with my OOTD posts. Obsessing yet again, goodness gracious!

I made it a goal to post more OOTDs this year but unlike before that I simply add the tag "ootd" in posts with decent outfits, this time I'll make dedicated posts for them. You like that better, don't you? Less messy that way. God, I hate mess!

Before we continue, I'd like to warn you that through out the first half of the year, I used and abused the gold strappies I got from SM Department Store for just a little over three hundred. Did I hear you say, great find?

Moving on, first photo was taken during New Year's eve. We had customized shirts with the Incredibles logo but changed to Incrediborbs, hence the capital B. We are cool people like that! Hahaha!

Next two photos are from our Nuvali trip. I especially love the first ensemble because I've been wanting a matchy matchy blazer and floral shorts since the start of the year. I'm happy I got it a little early.

And then here's what we call as Sunday dresses. We wore this to the mall surprisingly. We're usually too lazy to dress up when we're our destination is just 9 peso away. I guess change is good once in a while. Watyathink?

Then the outfit I wore to my father's 63rd birthday. The floral cardigan is one of my favorite closet staple but to my horror my sister burned it while ironing. Uggh! And please don't think I bully her into ironing my clothes. NO! She borrows stuff from me, that's why! Hey, baby sister! You've got to be able to shop for me in the future.

The lazy outfits I told you a while ago? Here they are. I'm a shirt&short kinda girl when it comes to malling. With malling, I mean I'm usually alone {or with my sister} doing errands. But when I go out with my family or friends, I see to it that I dress up a little. For photos sake, perhaps?

Next, my outfit when Tin and I finally caught up. We're close friends, I'd like to think. But due to the fact that we have totally different interests {fashion and travel versus volleyball and other sports}, we rarely get the chance of being together. Anyway..

The dressiest among all these is surely the next photo. Wore it to an interview I was half-hearted about. Later on, I realized I want to enjoy this bum life longer. Although at this point, I'm seriously thinking of going back to work. Boo!

Speaking of dressy, can I just say I looovvee dresses? Sorry sa ipinilit na connect, but really, I love dresses to bits. Having said that, here's another take on the girly girly look. Sported this during my niece's birthday celebration. As always, I almost didn't change to my swimming attire because I'm making the most out of my outfit. Hahaha!

Let's go to another mall outfit. I  ditched the shirt in favor of a spaghetti strap - cardigan combo because it's a family day. Or better said, extended family day. My sister and I went with my cousin's family and his wife's cousin for the latter's send off. 

Last set of photos are from my Ilocos trip, which by the way I haven't blogged about because I haven't gotten the photos from my friends. Malapit ko nang makalimutan ang mga ganap sa totoo lang. :P

First one are selfies I snuck from the Malacañang of the North. That's my outfit for the first day of the trip spent in Ilocos Sur.

Second day's outfit. I wore a simple ensemble because we had to trek somewhere in Ilocos Norte before this Pagudpud stop. Look at how tan, okay dark, I've become. Eeep!!

Still second day's outfit.  I changed to this baroque dress after dipping in Pagudpud waters. It's a little big for me at that time but I already had it altered. Haay, the downside of being petite.

Lastly, my outfit back to Vigan. It's a vintage dress perfect for Vigan's vintage feel. You agree?

Wheeew! That was pretty long. I seriously hope I didn't bore you to death. I'm sorry if I did. I just had to do this to cross off Goal # 24 Take more OOTD shots. I'm one happy but hungry girl now. Let's have lunch? :)



MILEX said...

I love it all

Shayne ♥ said...

hi apple nice pics, i like you most with the braided hair do :) omg is that a pink cam? what cam is that? btw i did really say ooh ooh tee dee with you there haha

Mindy Fan said...

I really love that pink blazer and floral shorts you are wearing!!


Sybil said...

great posts!! love those last 2 outfits!! :D

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Apple Borbon said...

@milex. thank you :)

@shayne. hahaha! yep, it's lumix.

@mindy fan. thank you! one of my faves too.

@libys11. thanks! they're not selfies that's why.

Unknown said...

love the dresses.. :)

Apple Borbon said...

@knicknacknix. thank you! :)