Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ooohh babieesss

I'll be bombarding you guys again with baby photos so please bear with me. Apparently, the month of August {hehe, two months ago pa :P} was all about babies - baby visitors and our resident baby, Faye. I've already posted Faye's photos so it's time to share the photos of our baby visitors - Princess Danerose, Prince Kyle and Khean. Princess and Kyle are my niece and nephew respectively while Khean is my brother's friend's baby.

The first one to visit our house was Princess. The last time I posted her photos was when she was still a tiny baby. She's a lot bigger now so I'm no longer scared to carry her. Nakakagigil especially her arms and legs na may gitling gitling {that's how the lines are called daw}. She's a happy baby too. It sucks though that I was lazy to take photos then. Ay nako, mood swings. 

Anyway, one more thing about her was that she seemed to be fond of her ate Faye. Kilig when she was touching ate Faye's hair and face. Haaay, babies melt my heart.

The next baby to visit us was Prince Kyle. Nakoo, ang sungit na bata! He cries whenever we take him from her mom. Being the insisting person that I am, he's annoyed with me the most. Hahaha! He's even more entertained with our cat than me. Ouch! But her mom said he's not like that when he's at home. We'll see when I visit him. Baka galit pa rin sa akin. :P             

sorry for making you cry, baby. :(

Towards the end of the month, Khean and his parents stayed in our house for a night because they didn't have electricity. You know how babies cry like it's the end of the world when they're uncomfortable? 

It was the first time I saw him so imagine my excitement. Add to that the fact that I can take him away from his parents without any sign of being afraid whatsoever. I even brought him upstairs in my room while his parents are having breakfast.

And oh, he makes faces too like Faye. Gigil overload! And speaking of Faye, I took photos of them together. At first it was okay for Faye that I take photos of the two of them. Minutes later, she wanted me to take photos of her, SOLO. Hehehe. There's no taking away limelight from her! I can only imagine the riot when their new baby comes out.

On a related news, I can't wait to see my other nephew this month. We'll be visiting him in their far away farm come Dana's sem break. I.really.can't.wait. Gah!



ZaiZai said...

Babies really are the cutest! Ang cute cute ni Princess at Khean at syempe si Kyle na baka nangingilala lang kaya ayaw sumama :) Ayaw patalo ni Ate Faye, kailangan kasama sya :)

Sybil said...

cutie babies!! :D

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Apple Borbon said...

yaay! thanks guys. they are indeed adorable. ♥