Monday, December 2, 2013

time flies so fast

I still can't believe our baby is four already. Insert my cliché blog post title: time flies sooo fast!!

She celebrated her birthday late last month at home. That brought almost 30 little rascals in their humble living room. Can you imagine my excitement? I love, love kids! I don't even know why.

Morning of her birthday, I rushed a little something just to make things a notch sweeter, err cuter - her birthday banner! I was so happy with the outcome considering it's the first time I ever made one. Feeling crafty tuloy ako! But seriously, I used to maintain a scrapbook back in college so I'm really into the gupit-gupit, dikit-dikit thingamajigs.
it looks better in person
please maniwala kayo :P

Pretty much everything was prepared by mommy {my niece's mom} but of course there's nanay {mommy's mom} and their household help to assist her. We had the usual pancit-spaghetti-chicken combo; kare-kare and rice for the grown ups; tons of sweets for the kiddos - cake, cupcakes, brownies, chocolates, candies; and finally the chocolate fondue and trays of marshmallows. It wasn't really a good sight for diabetic people. :P

When I found out that the kids are coming, I ran down the stairs like a headless chicken 'cause I badly want to witness Faye's grand entrance. I've seen her interact with other kids pero iba 'to, it was her first time to celebrate her big day with her schoolmates. Surprisingly, she wasn't the feel-na-feel-ko-ang-birthday-ko type of celebrant. She just sat among her classmates while their teachers do their best effort to squeeze everyone in.

It surprised me all the more seeing her receive and eventually open her gifts. She just stood in one corner while silently unwrapping them. It seems not so long ago, we even have to help her tear the wrapper and stuff, and now.. she can do almost everything by herself. Haayy, why do babies grow up so fast? 

immediately tried the makeup on #kikayproblems

It was a disaster come eating time. The poor kids didn't have tables to eat on. We weren't that prepared 'cause supposedly the party will be held in their school. Plans were altered late hence the missed details. Still, the situation was far from being maddening. I was even entertained by the kids' mishaps. One even dropped his chicken as soon as he opened his food. He went like "nalaglag yung chicken kooo!!" Hahaha! Kids will always be adorable, well, at least in my eyes.

Then there's the traditional birthday song and blowing of candles. I'm bad at singing but I had no choice but to lead the kids. Sunod naman sila with matching sigaw sigaw pa. After that, it was time to feast on the sweets. They obviously loved the candies and marshmallows more than their meals. At that point, they were starting to scatter around the house. Dun dun dun dunnnn!

happy fourth, baby girl :*

Before they get totally lost in their own world, mommy and daddy gave her their gift. She actually played with it for a few minutes with her auntie Joyce then she lead the scamps to her playroom. It was a riot! Kids nowadays are so hyper, have you noticed? But the chocolates they devoured might be the culprit too.

The kids were fetched by their parents/guardians one by one. When Faye realized it, she said something like "konti na lang kalaro koo". Haha! We had to explain to her why her classmates had to leave already. Good thing her auntie Shell {our cousin, her daddy's sister} arrived, complete with gifts and pambobola, before all the kids went home. How can she possibly be sad when auntie Shell's presents are kid-friendly kaartehans, makeup for one. She must be thinking to herself, di na hahadlangan ni daddy 'to.

We spent the rest of the night catching up with our cousin and her kids. Pero syempre, with yaya duties pa rin ako. I'm actually considering adding that to my resume - 1 year yaya experience. Hahaha! Kidding! :P


June | Life and Spices said...

Wow. I'm not good at kids. As in. Sometimes I am when they behave and obey what I ask them to do. Pero kung iyakan lang naman -- dun dun! hahahaha, Pero nakakatuwa and fulfilling that you make kids happy no. Even a simple celeb at their most speacial day. Felt sad for other kids.

Apple Borbon said...

@june. but whyy??!! :') kids are the sweetest thing on earth. :P