Friday, January 25, 2013

day4: beach boom booms

Day 4. Long story short, the boat operations resumed late not allowing us to catch our flight back to Manila. You know what happened next. We had to book another flight and the cheapest we found is on the coming Saturday. That made our trip extend for 3 more freaking days. Hahaha! We also had to extend our accommodation in La Carmela but this time around we gave up the executive room to cram ourselves in the standard room. Seven people in one room. You bet we all got closer after. Haha!

All the chaos happened after our breakfast, which by the way, was at La Carmela again. Thank God I had the liberty to choose what to eat. Complimentary breakfast no more, at least for me. I had ham and cheese sandwich for P95. I also asked them to wrap an egg sandwich, P85, for my baon in case we made it out of the island. Well, we didn't. 

After we have settled everything, we went out to the beach again. What else we're supposed to do, huh? Still no water activities, thank you sooo muuucch Pablo {the typhoon}. So we spent the entire day beach bumming!! It was my sunbathing day two. Now stop wondering why I went home super dark. 

What made my morning though was the indian mangoes and alamang, of course. Alamang, malamang. Hehehe xP Three mangoes for P45. I won't tell you how many I devoured. But sure, I went crazy over it!  I even bullied Job to buy more. And now I'm craving for it again. Baaadd. O_o

me, my camp and my mangoes

While I'm busy with my emo time, everyone else was busy with their own lives - playing frisbee, skimboard, doing headstands and burying themselves in the sand. Ruel even found new friends in the form of the skimboard gang. So to make the most out of them, we ask one kuya to take our group picture. He obliged instantly and even took generous shots. Ayan ha, next time bring your tripod guys! :P

rare chance of a group photo

Then came a random guy with a paddle board. Rent na naman sila, pambihiraaaa! Ruel, Monique, Dwin and Job went paddle boarding while Ken, Mark and I fooled around. Lotsa goofy photos that's for me to keep. I mean to hide. Hehe.

And since again, there's nothing much to talk about, let's talk about my swimsuit. Monique and I kind of invested on swimsuits prior to the trip so I only wanted to share. Got it again from Nothing But Water, another Anemone swimsuit for around P1700. Other brands that carry fashionable pieces are Soak and I Love Koi but I haven't bought anything from them though 'cos I only got to visit Nothing But Water and Nudo prior to our trip. Let's buy from them soon? :D :D

fooling around with Ken

We also met Kuya Ace then, one of the guides in Boracay. He toured us for "free" and helped us find a place to have lunch for the day. Ayun, sa Mang Inasal bagsak namin. Hehehe. So much for all the effort roaming around Station 2. I had chicken inasal and iced tea for P124. Budget meals forever because we're running low on funds, well, except for Ruel. 

Come night time, we went to Station 1 just for the heck of it. Malayo-layong lakaran. We had dinner at a random carinderia. I had beef mechado and rice for P81. But maannn, they have the best chocolate peanut shake. It costs P110, P30 shy from a Starbucks drink, but it's really worth its price. Take it from me!
before heading to Station 1

On our way back, we saw the famous Jonah's fruitshake and decided to give it a try. I tried they chocolate peanut shake too as according to them, it's a bestseller. It's for P110 by the way. The verdict? I love my first chocolate peanut shake better! Looking at the photo below, the one in garapon xP is from the carinderia while the one in plastic bottle is from Jonah's. Shake overload for the night!

shake overloooadd

We then opted to take a tricycle back to La Carmela. It's either we take a tryc or gutom ulit kame pagbalik. Hehe. Back in La Carmela, we rearranged the room strategically to fit seven people. 2 double beds plus one extra mattress. Go figure!



Jewel Delgado said...

Huwaw! Lovely photos! :) Kainggit naman, sarap talaga mag beach sa Bora :)

Jewel Clicks

Aiza said...

Sis! Been online shopping for swimsuit din! I love pieces from I Love Koi and Soak, but boy they are expensive! Wish me luck sis. Sana maka travel this year ng bongga. HEhe. :)

Apple Borbon said...

@jewel clicks. thanks, jewel. :)

@miss 'chievous. oo nga sis, expensive >.< iniisip ko na lang, they will last long naman dahil sa quality. goodluck on your travel dreams. kaya yan!