Friday, January 3, 2014

that time of the year again

..when it's legit to take shitload of photos even when you're at home. :P Okaay, I sounded like a grinch. Pardon me? It's just that, it turned out to be the highlight of our Christmas eve. For one, we didn't have much for Noche Buena 'cause our new baby was brought to the hospital afternoon of twenty four. They were home by night time but mommy {my cousin's wife} no longer got the chance to prepare something up. Next, we skipped, yet again, the traditional exchange gifts. I honestly can't remember the last time we did it and I realized just now that I'm already missing the fun of coming up with code names, wish list, etc. Maybe next year? Lastly, we were full when midnight struck 'cause we gobbled up our dinner later than the usual. I ended up having a bowl of salad and staring at the rest of the food our table offers. Surprisingly, we still got something good despite the unfortunate turn out of events - it is by far our best Christmas, posing posing-wise. And we can't deny the fact that photos are way too important nowadays; blame Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Anyway, photo dump ahead. :)

Santa's overfed elf

the biggest camwhore eveerrr

Yags' growing family ❤

ours ❤

BTS :P hahaha



Joy said...

Sweet pictures:)

Irene said...

It still looks like a wonderful Christmas for you despite one member of the family getting hospitalized prior to the celebration. All the best to you this 2014, Apple! God bless! ♡ :-)

Apple Borbon said...

@joy. thank you po. :)

@irene. it was indeed a wonderful christmas 'cause they brought home my niece that night too. happy 2014, irene. :)