Monday, January 13, 2014

well, hello there, 2014

We tried our best to be more prepared for New Year than we were for Christmas. My sisters and I even rehearsed the outfits we will be donning few days before the 31st, assigning who will use what. Yags was punctual as ever. He bought fireworks for his traditional pasikat {peace, Yags! :P} weeks earlier. Also, we expected there will be more food in our table because heeyy, it would be too much if we will be bringing another family member to the hospital on the next holiday eve. No waaaay!

So much for preparing, we ended up pissing each other morning of 31. Kanya-kanyang kaaway lang and two ended up crying and locking themselves up in their respective rooms. Ewan ko kung sino yung mga yun ha.. basta ako, hindi iyakin. Hahaha! ✌ But all's well that ends well, we were back as a happy family by midnight.

We started the celebration with Yags' traditional fireworks display. I initiated to take the video just like last year but this time, I did a better job. Maniwala naman kayo, please. I no longer cut the videos into ten parts, however, I missed to catch the finale this time as I thought it's over already. Good thing Yags took a video as well, perhaps he anticipated that I'd screw it up again. Hehehe. Anyway, enjoy the vid below. I edited it to only show the highlights plus I added a background music. Yeess, marunong na akooo!

I had to resort to this 'cause Blogger just won't let me upload the video.

We weren't able to take photos outside 'cause they weren't dressed up. They didn't have the time to do so 'cause the family only kissed and made up in time for the fireworks display. No photos too during Media Noche for that same reason. Boo!! Although, we had a pretty good Media Noche. I love mommy's kaldereta and papi's lechon kawali the most. Gaahh, I'm getting hungry.

After Media Noche, I tried to convince them to dress up so we can take photos but they were either too tired or just plain lazy. Or may hangover pa ng sumpong? So, I literally forced Dana to look decent for the camera and finally, I succeeded. Surprisingly, papi joined us too. Now I know where I got my always-game-except-pag-may-sumpong-din genes. Haha!

with ze father ❤

our retard bunso :*

Next, Dana and I bugged Gigi and Yags to light a fountain at the back of our house. It's been a tradition too but we failed to do it last year. Must be the reason behind the family's poor health the past months, huh? Also, it was my first time to ever hold a lusis so I was both thrilled and nervous at the same time. Ang saya pala! Hahaha! It was a bonus that I loved how the photos turned out. Yags took them and yours truly edited them using an android app and tadaaahh.. my favorites snaps from New Year.

shoo-ing all bad things away

Afternoon of January 1st, I extended the New Year celebration together with two of my closest friends, Jhov and Tin. They visited me no matter how far my crib is. Aww. 2013 made me feel really blessed in the friendship department and 2014 seems to be doing just the same. We spent the day making our tummies happy like we always do. Of course, there's kwentuhan and kulitan too. But what I missed the most was none other than the bugbugan sessions with Tin. We met couple of times the past year but we weren't able to visit each other's houses, hence, we had nowhere to kill each other. Hahaha! The girl left me wounded, FYI. She's monstrous. ✌

Tin & Faye

There's also this funny story involving Jhov and a certain turtle neck top but her anger that day was more than enough. But really, just thinking about it makes me giggle inside. You know, I luh you, Jhov! :P

Anyway, thanks again girls. And oh, thank you Tin for ze ice cream treat. I shall see the two of you again soon. Happy 2014!! :*



Sybil said...

aawww.. i miss being able to light fireworks!! bawal na dito eh. hahaha!
happy new year!

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Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

It looks like you had a great new year! Those fireworks look AMAZING!!!

Melgie Campbell said...

Happy New Year! love the fireworks! and its really nice bonding with your family and love your dress!:)

Unknown said...

Happy new year! <3

June | Life and Spices said...

New Year has always been my favorite celebration of the year kasi may putukan? hahahaha. Pero to be honest di talaga ako lumabas sa bahay ng tita ko nung New year. like ang ingayyyy.. tas natutulog ako... RESPECT? hahaha, Buti naman na enjoy mo yung lusis, mahilig ako manuod paputok pero no attachment watsoever.. ayoko talaga mag paputok personally.

Czarina Mae said...

I'm way too familiar with the tampuhan and awayan among siblings so I can totally relate (I think) with you :P Haha. But luckily they don't last for too long.

The fireworks are so pretty too! They're not allowed where I live so I just get so excited every time I see a display :)

Btw, your family is so lovely! Have a good day! xx

ZaiZai said...

Happy New Year Apple! Ang cute ng dress nyo, reverse lang ang colors :)

Shayne ♥ said...

feel na feel ko ung holiday as im reading this cause i played your video on the background haha :) happy new year sis! you look super ganda on your solo pic here <3

Putri Valentina said...

love your dot dress :D


Apple Borbon said...

@libys11. ohh, this country still got perks pala.

@jodie-ann muckler. indeed amazeballs. :)

@melgie campbell. happy 2014! have a great year ahead. thanks bout the dress also.

@gabriella olivia. thanks for dropping by. i'll check out your blog, dear.

@june. HAHAHA panalo na naman yung respect. new year na new year naghahanap ng katahimikan. :P

Apple Borbon said...

@czarina mae. yieeep, thank heavens they don't last long. ♥ you seem to have a lovely family too, btw.

@zaizai. actually, her dress was blue and my dots were black. hehe. happy 2014, zai!

@shayne. thanks dearie. you look super ganda in your photos too. :)

@putri valentina. thanksies.