Wednesday, January 22, 2014

more of our little potato

Err potatoes. These are mostly from the latter part of 2013 'cause I already posted lots back in September. Then some are photos I missed to include in that blog post. I sincerely apologize for being (1) such an OC freak, (2) a stage aunt, and (3) for being in archiving mood. I just had to do all these or uhmm.. my sanity might snap. Gusto nyo ba yuuun? Hehehe. Hashtag Blackmail. ✌


The brave little girl held a lusis for the first time in celebration of the Chinese New Year. For the record: My first time to ever hold one was this New Year. She's a year ahead! Her aunt is such a scaredy cat.

This one's from her mom & dad's simple Valentine celeb. That's back when they were only three in the family. So come next Cupid's day, expect a tiny creature debuting.


Should be a short walk and pasyal to the next village but the baby preferred to jog. Or run is more appropriate? She was so hyper that day and we all ended up getting tired. Halo-halo fix tuloy on the way home.

Woke up one morning with a capital S {that's sumpong} so we negotiated a pancake day instead. I never knew the wonder of flour, eggs and strawberry syrup. Hehehe.



Just another day.. wearing a tutu skirt. I honestly don't get what's with little girls and tutu skirts. Guess 'cause I never dreamt of being a Disney princess, or Barbie, or a ballerina. Just hell no! Although I have to admit, I love tutu skirts when they're on my niece. Biased forever! 

This was the day the local election was held. And yes, even the kid participated {and danced the day away}. I love how kids are allowed to take just everything lightly.

mother father gentleman ♪♫

Last for the month of May was auntie Ellen's despedida. I just had to include this one even if I've blogged about it already. I know you get me, she's just too adorable in these photos. 


Mommy ordered a bunch of new clothes for her and when they finally arrived.. ayaan! She broke in her favorite animal print mullet dress through a ballet dance number. Who wouldn't be entertained? Tell meeee!


What's left from the month of August were these photos from one of our drawing nights. Just so you know, the auntie can't draw. Please save her from my stick drawings. Haha! Uhmm.. Auntie Nyont?

Whew! Those are the photos I missed to post back in September. Medyo marami din pala. Hehehe. OC man ang matsing minsan may nakakalimutan din. :P Sparing away from my monkey excuses, we've got a lot of new ones for y'all especially from the month of December 'cause she had quite a long break. That meant more auntie duties for me and more random photos on my memory card. Someday I'll get to brag how I was able to document her 2013 by being a bum. Bwahaha! Can't wait. Anywayyyy..


Buhat-sariling-bangko moment! Here's how you'll end up admiring me for all the work I endure for this child. Look! Just look at the mess that comes with her almost every single day. Jusko daaay! Considering how much of a neat freak I am, this is definitely an adjustment. I cope up by cleaning after her late at night or early in the morning. I'll leave up the disciplining part to the ze parents. Kthxbye.

Also, she's too spoiled when it comes to pasalubong. Not from me of course 'cause I'm the poorest of poor nowadays. I'm often just there to capture the moment. She loves Play-Doh to infinity, by the way.


One fine day back in October, mommy bribed her to dress up and let auntie take her photos. I've never seen her more dalaga than this. *sobs* She's growing up way too fasttt.

Truly a princess in her Halloween dress. It was just unfortunate that the party she attended was a total disaster. That's Jollibee's Halloween party conducted in Storyland SM Fairview, by the way. The war freak aunt ended up complaining then getting a call from the management. And yes, I am the war freak aunt. :P


Her birthday month! No random photos though 'cause I was busy meeting friends left and right. Yes, believe it or not.


One of those few days when she wants a larger audience for her overdressing. Hehe. We walked down the street to grab some ice cream and she showcased her dress while we're at it. Kids nowadays.

My dress yet again, complete with matching shoes and shades. She's got an eye for fashion. Eheem uboo ubooo. :P

another from its set HERE

Mid-December, our family welcomed another potato in the form of Avira Faith. Faye suddenly looked all grown up especially when we finally felt that she's okay having our new baby around. I'm so proud of my alaga. :)

ate Faye welcomes baby Avira ❤

Glorious make up days. I can't stop her from messing up with my stuff so one day, I pretended to notice that her lips are getting dark and her skin's no longer smooth. It was a success! She won't dare touch my make up kit anymore. Sorry for my white lie, Papa Jesus.

Lastly, I accompanied her to her Christmas party 'cause mommy had to rest. Guardians weren't allowed inside for reasons I'll never ever understand so I pushed the limit by staying just outside the sliding door. I was the only one who fought for that right, surprisingly. I was kind enough to share the photos I took naman. Am I forgiven?

There you gooo! You can check out this link too for my family-labeled posts that may or may not include the little potatoes. Ciao!



Joy said...

I agree with you! She is very sweet:) Seems though that she love to pose for the camera:)

Melgie Campbell said...

She is really CUTE! love all the photos:)

Jewel Clicks said...

Hello Apple! Awesome update! Geeezzz! I can't wait for my little cupcake niece to grow up! :3 We will be happy together and shop with Hello Kitty stuff! HAHAHAHA! :D

Ingat! x

Czarina Mae said...

Awww she is so adorable!! This post made me miss my cousins back in the Philippines! I have like 6 female cousins below the age of 8 and 2 of them are a bit malandi and love dressing up for the camera too! Hahahaha. Omg. Kids are so precious <3 hehe.

Aiza said...

ANg cute ng little fashionista! At may kasunod na. Hehehe. I miss having a little girl inside the house. My cousin's all grown up now.

June | Life and Spices said...

I CANT BELIEVE YOU APPLE. yung Birth month niya dun ka talaga nawalan ng time mag picture picture? hahaha. NAku kids grow so fast, make the most time out of it kasi pag dalaga na sila o binata, mas focus na yan sa friends at opposite sex. Sad isnt it. Pero that's it talaga eh.. hahaha tinakot! hahaha


Apple shes the next you :) u in the making :)

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! She's soooo cute c: I love these pictures! xo

Czarina Mae said...

I nominated you for the Liebster Award btw! :) <3

Shayne ♥ said...

SHES SO CUTE! and so KIKAY! nagmana sa auntie :) parang lahat ng kids at that age rocked that barbie doll bangs. i think i had it for a long time when i was little :D

Jhanz said...

She's soooo adorable!:)

Raya said...

She's such a cutie! She's got a lot of personality, love that. She's definitely going to grow into a beautiful young lady.

Sybil said...

aaawww.. what a sweetheart!!! so pretty!

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Apple Borbon said...

thanks guys!! ♥♥♥

@czarina mae. thanks for tagging me, dearie. :)