Thursday, April 23, 2015

catching up series: faye is five

Faye is fiveee! Can you believe that? No? Me neither! TIME FLIES SOOOO FAST! Seems just like yesterday when she's a tiny baby and now -- and nowww, my goodness, she's five! What makes it worse is that she'll be an elementary student already this coming school year. I really should get used to it, my "panganay" is no longer a baby. {PS. That makes Avie my pangalawa and Mithril, the new kid on the block that I'll be blogging about next, my pangatlo. They're all my nieces though. I'm just an awesome aunt so..}

Going back, Faye celebrated her birthday in school with a frozen-themed parteyy. Of course it was her mom who did majority of the work but yours truly, the best aunt ever, worked on the decorations. I made her a birthday banner, designed letter standees and printed frozen thingamajigs for the dessert buffet table. Then my sister and I worked our magic on the arrangement the day itself. Too bad we only had curtains as table cloth. Sayang ang skirting skillz ko. Kidding! Hindi ako marunong nun. :P

love how this turned out ❤️


took me days to finish this. #career

mommy's yummeh cupcakes

Now here's something funny. Of course there was a mini program for the kids. Prior to the occasion, it's been agreed that my other sister, Anit, would be the host. But as we expected, she didn't make it to the party. Ayun, I had no choice but to take on the role. Haha! It was my first time to ever host something and luckily adrenaline kicked in. I sang happy birthday {akalain mo yun eh I don't sing in public :P}, administered the games together with mommy and Dana, and entertained the kids with my non-sense quips. And although I like to believe that it was good enough, I wouldn't get myself into trouble next time. Hahaha!

Princess Elsa and her best friends, Jela & Jas ❤️

Left: longest greeting game aka "happy birthda-a-ayyyy...."
Right: good ol' stop dance with Vince stealing the limelight

eating timeee!

We also had a simple celebration at home after -- just the family and few of mommy and Faye's school friends. And just like the usual when Faye would invite friends over, it was a riot in the playroom. There was the occasional running around the house too and finally the cry fest when it was parting time. Haha! Why must kids be so entertaining?

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Unknown said...

Kaw din ba nag bake ng cupcakes? Where did you get all those decoratice items? yung ferris wheel? Galing ha.