Thursday, April 9, 2015

catching up series: heyyy, I have short hair now

I have to do this for my own sanity. I mean, write about the things that happened while I was away -- from this blog, at least. So you already know I have a little bag business. Teepee, yeah? Now, I have another revelation to make. Haha! I FINALLY GOT MY DREAM HAIR CUT. Yeyyy! Hahaha! I'm acting like it happened just recently when the truth is I made the bold move back in November. Five freakin' months ago but heyyy, I already said we're catching up here, right?

But wait. Let's dig down further. Two years ago, I said I wanted to have my hair permed. I love how beach waves look on me hence the decision. But who am I kidding? Merely five months after I wrote that post, I contemplated a pixie cut. Indecisive, that's what I am. :P Then salon day came and to my despair, the stylist won't let me have my dream hair cut. Rebonded hair issues, ugh! My only consolation then was my newly straightened hair. And fine, I was a little happy with my shorter do too.

Fast forward to a year after.. I pursued the pixie cut I've been wishing for. It was really something big for me 'cause I was never the experimental type when it comes to my hair. I always had long hair actually -- well, maybe except back when my mom was still deciding for me. Haha! That's a totally different story. So anyway, imagine the terror as I sat down the salon chair; I was so nervous. Even my niece cried not just once - BUT TWICE! - 'cause she's not used to seeing me with short hair. She was hugging me too almost the entire process. Hahaha! I told you the hair cut was kind of a big deal.

the inspo I showed the stylist slash our neighbor :P

And since I suck at taking selfies, I had to steal {and crop} a photo from my first public appearance :P just to have something to show you. Hehe! I really love how it turned out although I have to admit it's a little difficult to maintain. Medyo close na tuloy kami nung kapitbahay ko. We used to be just civil with each other. Haha!

that kontrabida smirk you make when you feel purty harhar

I'm itching for another hair cut as we speak. I'm eyeing an even shorter do ala Michelle Williams 2014 but we'll see. I should have been warned this hair thing is addictive. What now?!


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

Yey! Congrats to the not-so-new haircut. ^_^ Ako din nagpa haircut -- my shortest yet. hehe

Ysh ♥ said...

I admire the courage! I dont think I will ever get enough guts to cut my hair that short!

YOu look lovely and confident!