Saturday, April 25, 2015

catching up series: new kid on the block

We've come to the point where I'm bound to introduce the newest addition to our ever growing family -- Mithril Darlien. ❤️ What can I say? My "auntie level" just moved up one notch 'cause she's my brother's daughter. Faye and Avie, by the way, are my cousin's kids. You get the point? Even my parents are so thrilled to have her. She just made them legit grandparents. Hahaha! You should see their undeniable joy every time they play with her, all the more when she smiles or laughs. Ahhh! It's amazing what babies can do. ❤️ 

fresh from the tummy :P

More photos of this potato in the coming posts. You are kind of expecting that, right? 

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Jhanz said...

Such a cutie! :) What a blessing to your family. :)