Monday, April 20, 2015

catching up series: photos or it didn't happen, so..

As they say, photos or it didn't happen. SO HERE! A ton of photos from when we visited Manila Memorial last November. Wait, no raised eyebrows! I already said we're catching up right? Pagbigyan 'nyo na koo! In due time, we'll be back to regular programming. I promise!

So anyway, All Soul's Day is really something we commemorate. Although, unlike the other families, we don't usually stay for long at the cemetery. We just set up the flowers and candles and then proceed to our favorite portion -- hamming up for the camera. I actually have yet to know any other family that takes as much photos as we do. It's crazy! On the good side, it makes my 'documentation' a lot easier and everything's intact in this humble blog. *aww* Haha! Of course there's eating in between takes too and some more eating before heading home. Yun lang talaga yun eh, picture-kain! Hahaha! Mom would even have to remind us to pray. "Oh, nagdasal na ba kayo? Picture kayo ng picture!" Hehehe! And yes, our parents talk to us in a way like we aren't all grown-up. Mehh.

Prior to this, Mom, Anit, Dana and I visited Sanctuario too together with our dear granny but I refuse to post photos from that day 'cause I look ugly as heck. Or maybe not really. It's just that I haven't chopped off my hair then and it feels weird seeing photos of my then self. Haha! Whatever.

Speaking of hair transformation, this was the first time I went out after the big bold move a.k.a chopping off my mermaid hair and thankfully, I have no regrets. Damang dama ko sya! Hahaha! So expect my new do for all the coming posts. More late 2014 kwentos are in the queue. Hihi! Have a good night, peeps! :)

papito and her girls ❤️

can't get avie to care
yema - 1, auntie apple - 0


ate Faye welcomes the new member of the family :P

scene-stealer alert!

mita and pito with their apos ❤️

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