Saturday, May 9, 2015

catching up series: avie is one

If ate Faye turned five last November, Avie, on the other hand, turned one the next month. Yayy! The parentals also decided to have her christened on her birthday. Tipid tips! Hahaha! She was baptized at Ascension of our Lord Parish then reception slash birthday celebration followed at City Buffet. Of course it was a busy month for me again working on the banner, souvenirs and candles. There's no point in denying, I'm obviously enjoying this banner thingy. Hehe! Matter-of-factly, I'll be blogging about another birthday celebration wherein I volunteered myself for what else, banner creation! Oops!

Wait! What are we talking about again? Haha! Uh yeah, Avie's birthday. It was unfortunate that it was a weekday and only Dana and I were able to make it to the family gathering. Well, sort of. Because we didn't make it to the ceremony. Ninang pa man din yung isa. Hahaha! Anyway, most visitors were folks from Royal Gem {ate Faye's school}, then mommy's relatives and few friends of daddy. 

at least we made it to the picture taking :P

And then here's the banner I made. *points to the photo then says tadaaaa* Hahaha! I promise I won't blab too much about this but I really have to thank Pinterest for the idea. I won't take all the credits pero ang galing ko talaga. Hahaha! Kidding. It's all Pinterest. :P Of course we have to take a moment also to appreciate mommy's cake and cupcakes. Huzzahh! We've been surviving birthdays on DIY mode. 
balloon decorations and table arrangement by City Buffet though

mommy and the birthday girl ❤️

with kuya Weng, ate Pia and Carin ❤️

I didn't take much photos during the reception 'cause they didn't assign me naman to be the official photographer. Hahaha! Kailangan pang iassign? :P Palusot aside, I was busy eating and playing with the kids the whole time. Although I regret that I wasn't able to take decent photos of the kids. They were all over the place so it was really hard to do so. Plus ayun nga, busy ako sa pagkain. Hehehe! Sorry na. ✌️

Royal Gem represent!

with her ninang Jill and ninang Teng 

spot kuya Geof. Hahaha!

daddy's gang

Up next is the family's extended celebration 'cause as I've said most of us weren't able to make it to this party. Di lang papalugi ang lolo't lola? Hahaha!

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ZaiZai said...

Agree ako Apple, ang galing mo talaga - ang bongga ng banner! :)