Saturday, July 11, 2015

catching up series: truths, realizations and some old photos

I'm back! My thoughts have gone bonkers YET AGAIN and I'm down with no other refuge but to blog. {Read: Too broke to shop. Hahaha!} So what's going on exactly? But wait! I'm kind of talking to myself here trying to figure things out so don't mind me. Unless you really, really want to. Go ahead! Haha! Anywayyy, there's this chapel I regularly visit. It's where I pray 'cause take this -- I don't attend Sunday mass. Oops! So I visited it few days ago and as usual I reflected on life. And guess what? FINALLY! Medyo natauhan ako. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?! 


Truth #1. I've been unemployed since January 2013 and if we're going to count the months that's freakin' 30 months already! Like how?!!! The last time I checked, I have this very demanding job that I very much love  -- never ending to-do's, impossible deadlines, difficult people? Bring it on! So what happened? Illness happened! There you go, now you know. I am not a professional bum person just because I want to be one, or because I can afford to be one. For the record, I am a professional bum person because I am a professional sick person too. {And yes, I read John Green a lot. Ha!} Although I have this little online shop that allows me to go out or shop once in a while. Having said that, please follow @shopteepee on Instagram for cool bohemian bags and wallets. Hehe! Shameless plugging right there, 'cause I can. 

Now what? An epiphany came to me one sleepless night -- I realized I want to teach kids! It's no secret, right? I love kids to bits so I'm thinking that might be easy for me. No stress, I hope. But two more things I should hope for.. that my doctor approves of it and that I qualify for it. Hehe! Medyo malayo lang naman yung tinapos ko from teaching so I don't know. I have a particular learning center in mind but I have yet to do my research. By God's grace, I'll be able to go back to work. This should be the start. Kailangan nang ipilit to!

Truth #2. Life is far from perfect. Got that friends? I am fortunate enough that my family can back me up through this tough time but it's no easy for all of us. Okay? It's just tiring to hear from people that we are wealthy enough I can afford not to work. Like this is my choice, NAWMSAYIN'? Hehehe! 

And to convince you more that our life isn't a bed roses.. did you know that living where we live sucks? If you have time to spare, you can begin with this link. Yep! The Araneta's are trying to shoo us from our homes 'cause according to them our whole village was theirs when clearly, we have land titles of our own. From what  I understand, the former president Ferdinand Marcos issued a presidential decree that offered our area to Malacañang employees {my uncle used to work for ze president, that's why}. Apparently, it was declared as unconstitutional and since then, the Araneta's did literally everything to claim our place. And with everything, I mean kill people and take away our basic necessities -- electricity, water, phone and internet lines, name it! Ugh! Thank God for generators, seriously! And for water deliveries too, if I may add.

See? Life ain't easy, man!


Realization #1. As long as you have your family, you're okay! Take it from the person who isn't allowed to live life, has nothing at all but is perfectly fine. I mean, I'm not the happiest of happy but I know for sure that I'm not sad. At least not anymore. Our home provides me the comfort I need and it never runs out of ways to help me survive. I was actually thinking that even if the time comes that we're left with no choice but to leave our house, we'll all be alright. And that's because our home is one another. Wherever life takes us, that will be home. And also, I guess it's faith. I don't know why but I'm confident about the good days that are about to come. I have this weird feeling of lightness despite the ugly circumstances. Call me a weirdo 'cause yes I am. Hahaha!

Realization #2. I really, really want to teach kids. Haha! I know I've mentioned that already but apart from teaching for a living, I'd love to teach less fortunate kids too -- and for free! Since I got sick, I started thinking deeply about life and I decided to live it with a purpose. I've always known too that it's going to be about kids but it's only during that night of epiphany that I imagined exactly how. I'd gather my favorite kids from the village probably grades 1 - 3, teach them Math & English, give them treats that they don't get to eat often. Gahh! I can't wait to be able to do that!

Realization #3. I have to start NOW! As in by hook or by crook, kahit ano pa yan! If I can't go back to the life I used to live, I'm willing to compromise with what can work with my current situation. Thank God for knocking some sense to me that faithful chapel day. I honestly can't believe I waited this long! Might be the sickness, huh?

S O M E  O L D  P H O T O S

This has got nothing to do with my random thoughts. Instead, this is the next item in my neglected drafts. If you've been here early May, you'd know I'm trying to catch up on my documentation. But since I'm a huge mess, I got lost again. Hahaha! Anong bago dun di ba? Good thing I found my way back this afternoon. Shout out to my awakening!

So anyway, here's where we left off -- Avie's baptism & birthday celebration. Now the photos below are from her post birthday celebration for the family. It was the usual dine out, sing & dance, play scenario. But what was unusual was mommy's {my cousin's wife} muryot. Hehehe! She got pissed off after we weren't able to make it to City Buffet and she felt like daddy {my cousin} was blaming her for not making reservations. We had to settle with Racks but she went on hunger strike and they continued to annoy each other. We continued anyway because heyy, that's food. Hahaha!

the birthday girl with her mita & pito ❤️

remember mithril? the new kid on the block?
it was her first official gala :P

the little family within the family ❤️

resident maaartes

After we were full, we went to our go-to amusement center to further amuse ourselves. Hehe! It became Marisse's {my brother's girlfriend, Mithril's mom} initiation. We forced her to sing and dance with us. We did the same to mommy way back 2011. That Waka Waka dance number still brings us to laughter every time we'd reminisce about it. Hahaha! So alam na! To the future members of the family, be ready! I bet that's why my sister and her boyfraann broke up. HAHAHAHA peace, baby girl! :*

the singers in the family (and yep that doesn't include me)

Marissa's initiation ✌️


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ZaiZai said...

I wish you all the best Apple! I hope you'll be able to pursue your dream of teaching, because if it's something you love, then I'm sure it will make you happy. And of course you'll get paid and you have more money to shop and that will make you happier! Hehe :)