Friday, May 1, 2015

catching up series: oh eastwood, dear eastwood

This happened early December. After what seemed to be ages, I finally decided to show up to friends. Actually, the universe had to give me a couple of reasons for me to get out of my cave - (1) Tiny's birthday, (2) Monique's promotion, and (3) the fact that I haven't seen them for half a year already. Last saw them June so yeah, kinailangan kong lumabas ng lungga. Hahaha! 

Why Eastwood, then? 'Cause it has become our default hangout and 'cause why not? It's where they work and where we all used to live. So Eastwood it is! Even if it's inaccessible AF. 

Anyway, it's a normal working day for them so I had to meet them for dinner. We ate at Gerry's courtesy of the celebrators, of course. But more than the food, I enjoyed the kwento & chismis more. Haha! I guess that's what happens when you're gone for a long time. At isa pa, sino ba naman ang ayaw ng chismis dba? Hahaha! Kidding! Napaghahalataang chismosa. :P

hindi ako maliit, okay?
wala kayong ebidensya! walaaaa! ✌️

After dinner, we stayed for a good while outside Citywalk. Under the tent? You know, the seats outside? There! How do I even properly address them? Hahaha! So anyway, the whole time we were there, we were teasing Job for "not existing" because he's been quiet. Monique even posted on Facebook that Job wasn't able to make it to our meet up. Hehe! Medyo bully talaga yung Monique eh. Lalo na yung Tiny. Nakooo! Hahaha!

the things one would do for friendship
err.. for a photo! :P

Unlike last year, I've been visiting Eastwood more often now. Another friend {Hi Celine!} is back in Las Islas Filipinas for good and she got assigned in Eastwood too, come on! Another reason to want to live in the place again. Oh Eastwood, dear Eastwood.

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