Wednesday, February 24, 2016

catching up series: obligatory undas story

Happy hump day, folks! Just thought I'd make this day a productive one by (1) coming up with a blog post, (2) finally sending my resume to JobStreet and (3) doing the laundry. For the record, I know how to wash clothes, people. I've always been accused of knowing nothing about household chores but that's so untrue. Just thought I'd clear my name of that accusation. Haha!

So where are we in catching up? November, yeah? Finally we're getting closer to celebrating the New Year here. Hehe! I can't wait 'til I put this catching up thing to a close and finally talk about 2016. Anyway, let's talk about the past All Soul's day or undas as we say it in Filipino.

Coming from a huge family, we always have two trips to the cemetery. We visit Manila Memorial for our late relatives from the father side and Sanctuario de Paz for my dear lolo from the mother side. This year, we first visited Sanctuario. It wasn't really planned but it was good that our cousins were there when we arrived. It's been a while since we last visited lolo as a big family 'cause most of my cousins have their own families now. And speaking of having families of their own, kuya Jong, the eldest cousin, is driving us crazy with his growing number of kids. He already has six, again sixxxx, babies. Nakakaloka! To think their not well-off. If I only have the right to knock him some sense. But mom can't help but drop lines of sermon for kuya.


five out of eight are kuya Jong's babies #whutt

Hael, Moymoy, Miyuki & Nea with tita Emy

Moymoy & Hael with tito Noel {my mom's brother}

kuya Jong's first two, Allen & PJ

'sup lo?

The week after that, we went to Manila Memorial Park. It was the first time also that we made it to the cemetery with the cousins plus their wifeys/hubbies and kids. I have to say that the past All Soul's day was a memorable one. It became a reunion of sorts for both family sides. And oh, if you were looking for Mithy, we didn't take her with us on purpose because she hasn't been baptized yet at that time. Ayaw syang isama ng nanay ko no matter what we say. Hehe! Avie, on the other hand, was sick then so ate Tin wasn't able to go too. It could have been a full cast play date.

Faye & Carin
charm runs in the blood, I must say :P

swear they kept on running

auntie Dang and our little warrior, Koi
he's fighting Neuroblastoma, f*ck cancer!

with Xana banana

frenemies, Faye & Pops

ate Caitlin

moment ko, okay lang? :P


We capped the night with Dinner at Max's. Of course the kids simply continued the riot there, especially Faye and Pops. We call them the frenemies 'cause they would always fight but then they didn't wanna separate. Hehe! Then there's Carin trying to fit in too. Kagulo! More of the cousins' chaos actually in the coming posts. I'll be blogging about Faye, Mithy and Avie's consecutive birthday celebrations so expect more baby cuteness this side of the blogosphere.

with kuya We

extended family


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