Wednesday, February 26, 2020

catching up series: gotta love summer

Summer na summer na talaga on this blog! Summer 2016 that is! Hehe! This was back when Dana just graduated college so to celebrate another family milestone, we thought of visiting another nearby resort, Pacific Waves. O dba, hindi naman Patio Isabel this time. Haha!

Actually, we had quite a few reasons to celebrate April. Aside from Dana's graduation, the said month was also my mom and my brother's birth month. All special occasions in one go para tipid! And as usual, we were with our cousin's family. We used to live in one compound kasi that's why we were so used to doing life together. And after all, they still live near us so it's still convenient for all of us to share special occasions and holidays.

Unlike our impromptu visits to Patio Isabel, this time around we came prepared. We had a lot of baon! But honestly, food is our family's guilty pleasure. We don't travel a lot.. we are not brand conscious when it comes to clothes.. Pero sa pagkain, naku! We don't even follow a certain budget when it comes to our daily meals, or when doing the groceries. Like crispy pata anytime, ganun!

As usual, there were a lot of picture taking! Especially of the kiddos! I'm actually the culprit when it comes to this. I'm the master memory keeper and documenter (ano daw?!) Hahaha! But kidding aside, I really love looking back kasi. And everytime I feel blue, I would just browse through my gallery or read my old blog posts to make me feel better. Instant pick-me-upper! Who else can relate?

But at this point, I'm running out of words. I actually just finished work before I thought of de-stressing by writing. Pagod na yung brain cells ko.  I guess I would just let the photos below do the talking. And maybe I'll re-introduce my family via the captions. I know I've been gone too long from the blogging world. :)

my brother, mom, grandma (mom's mom!)
my sister, my sister-in-law, Mithril and me, pop 


ate Faye and ate Avie
my cousin's daughters

of course here's Mithril's OOTD

my brother's fam

Faye, Avie, my sister Dana and mommy (my cousin's wife)

Avie and finally, my cousin Yags


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