Wednesday, February 12, 2020

catching up series: birthday picnic

Once again, it's Papi's birthday on the blog. And once again, I will mention that Papi and my cousin, Yags, share the same birthday. Paulit ulit ko tong sinasabi every year. Hahaha! And if there's one birthday that we wouldn't fail to celebrate, it's Papi's birthday. He's obviously everyone's favorite in the family because aside from the fact that he's so old already, he's always been the gentle and very loving kind -- especially to kidsss! (I must have gotten it from my papa!)

And because it's been a while since I was last acquainted with this blog, I did check our previous celebrations for papi. On this blog, it started 2011. It was during that time when I was trying to learn how to cook. So I cooked carbonara for him. How was it? Pwede na rin! Hehe! For the record, I never really learned how to cook. Haha! But at least I tried, no?

2012 - we had dinner at Max's, had a studio pictorial, and shopped polo shirts for him. 2013 - we had dinner at KKK, and then fooled around at an amusement center. 2014 - mommy baked a cake, we visited our favorite church, Grotto, and had dinner at a resto nearby. Finally 2015 - we did exactly the same thing as we did the past year. Hehe! Except that it was a lot more special because it was his first birthday that we finally have Mithril, ang kanyang unang apo.

So for this year (yes, I'm referring to 2016), we went to La Mesa Eco Park. Maiba naman! But as usual, we have Yags' family with us to celebrate his special day too. At this point, we have three babies in tow already, ate Faye, ate Avie and finally baby Mithril. The last time that we visited Eco Park, we only had baby Faye then. At iba pa ang jowa ng kapatid ko. HAHAHA!

But the more, the merrier! It was such a blast having picnic with our extended family once again and with more babies in tow now. As for Mithril's outfit? It was my idea yet again. There was even a time that I was using the hashtag #styledbysuperauntie on Facebook. Yep, I was that dedicated! And I love taking photos too! So I am warning you, more family and baby photos are coming up really, really soon! Meanwhile, the snaps below were from Papi's birthday celebration at the park. 


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