Wednesday, February 12, 2020

catching up series: calvin turns 7

We started the year with a family gathering. It was my nephew's 7th birthday and of course, #superauntie (that's me!) took it as an opportunity to dress up Mithril. And with her dainty dress, she could pass as the birthday celebrant. Hehe! 

The birthday was held at the clubhouse of their village and the theme was Star Wars. They even hired an events decorator, and there was a magician too! Bongga! Of course there were games and as usual, ate Faye was so game. It was such a fun day especially for the kiddos because it's not always that the cousins get to be together.

Mithril with Auntie Apple and Auntie Dang

Mommy, ate Faye and Avie

Teigs and Kuya Koi

Carin and ate Faye

The best part for me though was the after-party because it was Mithri'ls first time to swim. We were just too excited to make her wear a swimsuit! Haha! But the swimming time itself was such a riot. There were a lot of kids to watch out for and we didn't have floaties. We had to take turns in carrying them in the water. Imagine that! But as I say, always worth it for the kiddos. 

dada, mama and Mithril

ate Cait and friends

happy Avira ♡


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