Friday, January 21, 2011

almost saying goodbye

Something random and shallow for tonight.

My heart is breaking. =( My one and only doll shoes is almost saying goodbye. Yes, it's my one and only. Because I go for heels during weekdays and flat open-toed footsies during weekends. Closed flat shoes is somewhere in the middle and I am not so much of a fan.

What happened was I suffered from almost intolerable painful legs for two consecutive weeks and I had to deal with it by wearing my poor mustard doll shoes, whether or not it looks perfect with the rest of my outfit. Gah, I have no one to blame but my pretentious self, feeling athletic and all. Haha!

my poor shoes
yes, it's from the kids section and it's only 33 xD

I had to brave the rain
see what happened? =(

Since I'm letting go of it soon, I tried to look for pictures where I'm wearing it. I only found our Silanguin trip. Look how it's lovelier with it's ka-tandem belt. Hai, I'll miss you mustard shoes. My mustard belt will never be same without you. Haha! =))

me and my mustard shoes at Silanguin

loka-lokahan mode with the sister

And that's the end of my short non-sense story. I still have review classes tomorrow! Geez, I thought I'm done with school. :|  



choose to be happy blog said...

your blog is so adorable! must follow, follow me too! :) xo

Tsina said...

HAHAHA. Natawa ako, promise. Poor mustard shoes. =p