Monday, May 2, 2011

something darn frustrating

In my attempt to complete Goal #2. Learn how to ride a bike, I invited {or forced would be more appropriate?} my dear sisters to go biking at Quezon City Circle. But my chubby-wobbly sister, Anit, had errands of her own that day so we were able to meet pretty late. We set foot in QC Circle at around 7PM. Yes, that late! To think we also committed to visit our cousins leaving near the area. Too much for a night, I know.

one day the sisterettes went biking

So there, I only had an hour to learn biking that night. Good excuse for not learning. Hahaha! All I got are bruises. Around 10 of them, would you believe? I didn't even fall of the bike in that case. What more kung sumemplang ako? Well, the time of the month is coming then so I guess that explains.

And because I assumed that I'll learn that night, I insisted for blog-worthy shots from my sister. I kept on posing and smiling for the camera while trying my best to balance myself for at least a few seconds.

ayan kasi, inuuna pa ang picture

He didn't give me my heart's desire that night. Maybe he wants me to try harder, or to develop patience, or to learn how to handle frustration.  And speaking of, I can remember the darn feeling. I almost didn't want to leave the place because I felt like a loser. I hate losing, I hate failures and I totally abhor quitting. So I swear before this blog, I'll learn how to do it in time. AJA, fight! Hahaha! =)))

Since I had no choice but to stop trying that night, we opted to leave the place at around 8PM and visited our cousins as promised. First stop was Marcus' crib. Marcus being the first born of Tegs and Kuya Marvin and the last addition to our growing family. Look how adorable he is.

Choi Choi ♥

We also visited Ate Shell and Kuya Weng's compound. To our surprise, Ate Grace and her cute li'l angel, Dennise, were also there. It was a lot of fun being surrounded by little kids. They are all equally cute and makulit. Go see for yourself more of my adorable niece and nephews.   

aunties with Ayex and Kuya Poch

mother and child
Ate Grace and Denise

with my sisters and cousins, Ate Jo, Ate Shell and Ate Grace

Fun way to end a frustrating night don't you think?



MiDniGHt DriVer said...

naks/.. biking.. ayos! magkamukha kayo ng utol mo. as in..

Sey said...

May is National Bike Month. Sige kaya mo yan. Bruises are really part of learning how to ride a bike and hopefully next time makamit mo na siya. hehehe

Cute ng mga babies pati ng mga sisterette mo.

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

Good luck with your goal(s) =)
& ang cute naman ng mga chikiting!

Thanks for dropping by =D

Apple Borbon said...

@midnight driver. may 'as in' pa talaga? haha!

@sey. i didn't know of the the biking month thing. sana nga next time matuto na ko. haaaay.

@kalokang pinay. thanks for visiting as well.