Friday, November 9, 2012

just the usual day out

Nothing really special aside from the fact that I found the photos below too cute not to share. Please tell me you agree. Because really, you have no choice. :)

Anyway, these were taken at SM Fairview.. again! You have to understand, when we get bored we just throw whatever shirts and shorts outfit then we go to the nearest mall. I honestly don't think I can live somewhere far from the city. I actually once thought of challenging myself to live in the province for a month just for a change. As obvious as it is, my work couldn't allow it. 

Going back to our day out, the highlight was when Fey played in the ball pit. My sister Dana accompanied her and I died of envy. Hahaha! Never in my childhood days have I played in a ball pit. Meron na ba nun some N years back? :P

seeing double?

is it just me or this really looks like a napkin ad?

my photography skillz

Before going home, we bought our niece her then dream toy, cash register. She cried for it many times and her dad totally hates it when she cries for whatever she wants. Being the kunsintidor aunt that I am, I helped the little girl ask for it. I can never see myself disciplining kids. Meeehh, now you know my weakness.

thanks, dadeeh

Speaking of weakness, I also get weak when I don't get to eat dinner. I have this bad habit of not eating on time and it's only when I hear my stomach growl that I'm reminded I haven't eaten. What's the point, you may ask. E kasi hindi pa ko kumakain at nagugutom na ko! Bakit nga ba nagpaligoy ligoy pa ko? :P Hahaha! 


Unknown said...

She is very cute.. Your are cute too.. have a good day

Unknown said...

ANG CUTE!!!!!!!!!

anney said...

Yung isang niece ko din gusto ng cash register! Cute nung seeing double pic at syempre yung photography skillz picture!

Apple Borbon said...

thanks guys! :)

@anney. it's my sister's dream toy too when she was younger.