Friday, November 2, 2012

sweet seventeen

Rushing for this blog post because in a bit we're off to the cemetery. My list of backlogs {or drafts with only titles in them} gets longer and longer and with my Calaguas trip on the queue, I am determined to finish them all. 

So here's my sisters birthday celebration which happened back in September. Two months ago, yes! I am such a responsible blogger. Haha! Like the usual, we went to the nearby mall to dine out. We chose Racks and had Surf n Turf again. Lightning strikes twice. I bet you already know.

Apparently, mommy has a new sofa set then. So before hitting the mall, we took turns for photographs. In months time, I'm pretty sure the little kid had messed it up. Not that it's something I wish, but heeeyy, no one knows our baby like we do. 

family photos & the birthday girl
And what else do we do while waiting for the food? Do I really have to say? Haha! My niece will forever be our star. Look at her making pa-cute smile here and there. ♥

isn't she the cutest?
{have i asked this before?}

family bamily ♥

We didn't have time to stroll some more after eating because it's late already. After all, SM Fairview is konting kebot away lang.

goin' home

Meanwhile, allow me to rummage my closet for the perfect undas outfit. :)



Unknown said...

CUTE PHOTOS! :) bad I wasn't able to visit out loved ones...:( They're really far!


Unknown said...

lovely post! I miss our traditional. I did try it here to pray, cook some dishes for our loves one who passed away. but here's busy wearing costume and trick or treating.... happy weekend

Apple Borbon said...

@daisy quijada. thank you. you can always pray for them naman. :)

@pettit mom. yeah, it's really different when you're far from home. atleast you seem to have enjoyed halloween parties and trick or treats there.