Friday, November 9, 2012

swimsuit hunting in this time of the year, really

All the while I thought my next blog post would be our Calaguas Trip. Meeh, I was wrong. Rather, I'll be sharing photos of swimsuits I've been gushing about the whole day. You won't believe how addicted I am.  There are three brands I'm currently stalking - Anemone from Nothing But Water, Soak and Nudo.

Let's begin with Anemone. This is my favorite brand so far. They have the prettiest prints and styles. Only that it's the most expensive among the three. Good quality definitely comes with a price. 

My dream swimsuit.  It costs around P2800 for the pair. Expensive, I know. I almost bought it the first time we went to Nothing But Water, Galleria. Good thing I was able to control myself because at it's price, it's something I really should think about. 

Monica's bet. Posting it as well because I somehow kinda like it too. P2600 for a pair. Who thinks we should get them? Help us decide. :)

Moving on, next to Anemone is Soak . Cool styles for a lower price. I haven't seen their store but we are scheduled to do so as soon as our payroll accounts get replenished. I can't wait, seriously. 

Sailor Bandeau for P1800. Unfortunately, 'Small' is their smallest size. I can only hope and pray it fits me well. I'll find out few days from now. Can you guys cross your fingers for me? 

Costa del Sol Ribbon High Waist for P1650. Just because I want to give high waist swimsuits a try. I love its colors too but my evil sister said it reminds her so much of Hulk. Whatever! 

Tory Ruffled Bandeau for P1750. Perfect for flat chested girls like me. Ruffled tops tend to make your chest seem busy that they will no longer notice your lack of.. uhmm.. gift up there. Haha! 

Lastly, Nudo. I've been checking out their Facebook account but none has caught my fancy yet. We also planned to visit their boutique come payday. Swimsuit hunting in November. A little difficult but nevertheless fun.

BORACAY, here we come!! :))

Robinson's Galleria, 3rd Floor
TriNoma, Level M2

CABANA, 2nd floor of Nail Spa, 109 Gamboa St. Legaspi Village, Makati (5 min. walk from Greenbelt 1)
Retail Lab, 2nd fl. Archaeology Wing, Powerplant Mall Makati (beside happy lemon)

Robinson's Galleria, 3rd Floor
Greenhills, 3rd Floor

*All photos grabbed from their accounts



Superjaid said...

ang gaganda nung swimsuits. kaso masyadong mahal hehe

Apple Borbon said...

@superjaid. yah, kinda pricey. but they're worth it. hihi. :)

valeriesummers said...

i love anemone swimwear. it fits my is giving away discounts on this.