Sunday, November 4, 2012

yet another fun teambuilding

Good morning Universe! :) I unintentionally woke up early today and while I'm still too lazy to crawl out of my bed, blogging is the only productive thing I can do. 

Last month {yeeess, one month ago na lang ang backlog ko}, we had our teambuilding in Antipolo with our previous teammates. What happened was, our team had to ramp down because of budget issues. Only four of us were left to suffer.. oops, i mean to continue with the upcoming releases. :) The others either transferred to another team or to another project. Good thing we still have the budget for everyone, we were able to afford an out of town teambuilding. 

M & O were the organizers. They found 3B Resort in Antipolo as the most feasible venue, affordable and accessible. I'll update you guys with the rates and whatnots tomorrow night. As obvious as it is, I know nothing since I'm not the organizer. When I'm not the organizer you really can't expect me to care. Hahaha! :)))

the team plus our ampon

We hired a van going to Antipolo so we managed to bring dinner and tons of chips and drinks. We had spaghetti and pancit malabon from Ambers, pizza from Pizza Hut and as I've said tons of chips and dips. That night was a night of alcohol and MSG. That's healthy living as it's finest. 

To keep the night from being boring, we played Taboo and Guesstures. Taboo before swimming and Guesstures after. They also boozed in between. Take note, I said THEY. :) Funny how private people share almost everything about their life when drunk. On the other hand, makulit ones multiply their kakulitan about ten times when drunk. One puked endlessly, one had aching stomach, one slept just about anywhere. I love you guys. :* 

gutom na gutom na gutom :P

playing Taboo

don't drink and swim :P

Playing Guesstures

We slept for like 2 to 3 hours only then we had to checkout from the resort. We were dropped at Eastwood, ate breakfast at Jollibee, travelled home and probably zoned out as soon as we hit our beds. 

good morning, Antipolo

Another one for the books. No matter where life takes me, I am definite I'll never forget this team. And yes, I speak like I have plans of leaving.

Breakfast na tayo? :)



Tsina said...

Pang-QA lang talaga? HMMM. HAHAHA. Joke lang. :)

Rah said...

seemed like very fun night. That's my kind of Partey! :D Yung bonding at friendship sa shared experience talaga nabubuo. :)

anney said...

Superfun teambuilding! naubos nyo ba lahat ng food! Dami ah! hehe!

Apple Borbon said...

@tsina. grabeeee! pahiram lang naman sya eh! :P

@rah. exactly!

@anney. i think so, yes! takaw lang? :)