Saturday, December 15, 2012

random rants and a birthday celebration

I realized how this blog became sorta kinda my journal and scrapbook at the same time. Just so you know, I used to maintain a scrapbook until I stopped after I graduated from college. It pains me that I have to abandon that but at least I have my blog now. My point is that.. no matter how I get excited to post recent happenings {or feelings if you'd believe I have that}.. I cant.. until I have accomplished everything that's on my draft. And add to that chronologically as they took place in my life. My OCD is not helping with this, really. :P

All I want to say is that, I have lots on my mind right now like 2013 goals - career wise and personal, thoughts about life and so on.. BUT my draft says I should blog about my niece's birthday celebration at TongYang so here I go. But please don't get me wrong, I want to blog about this too. It's just that my mind, and probably my heart and soul too {hehe}, wants to explode already with all sorts of things. Alam mo ba yun?!! If you've gone through quarter life crisis, you'd understand. But if you're yet to experience that, I say you prepare yourself big time. Soon you'll thank me for warning you. And oh, baby sister, hope you're reading this. 

Enough of the drama. Because really, I hate drama. My friends can attest to that. But sometimes, life has its special way of forcing you into things.. hence my drama. But as I've said, ENOUGH. So tama na. Pwede ba? Jusme, loka loka!

*shifts to normal self to continue* So mid last month, we celebrated my niece's birthday at TongYang. The day before that, they had a kiddie party back at home that I wasn't able to attend. The second time around though, I made sure to fly from Eastwood to Fairview. I made it, albeit a little late. What's new with that anyway?

yet another pig out session

happy birthday, dearie :*

Like the usual, we headed to Tom's world for some amusement and singing. xD Perfectly for the occasion, my niece was the star of that videoke session. She sang and danced to the tune of Reflection - her current favorite song. Oh how I miss that darling. It's more than a month already since I last went home. I miss everyone of course, but I always, always, miss her the most.

when will my reflection show? ♫♬

And sorry if this blog post doesn't have coherent thoughts. I promise in 2013 - NO MORE MESS! Who thinks I should change my twitter username and tumblr URL, like right NOW!?

Update 07.28.2013
I've recently changed my tumblr URL. Let's keep it a secret for now. I need you to understand, please. Hahaha! Nagdrama na?



SunnyToast said...

same tayo I grow up having my own scrapbook:)I dont really the direction of my blog all I know is that I have something to look once I get gray:)

Apple Borbon said...

@sunnytoast. dba ang fun magscrapbook? and yes, when we get old we have something to look back to. :)