Saturday, December 22, 2012


How about an update? :)

Both in my excitement and in my conscious effort to break my OC-ness towards this blog, I am fast-forwarding to a recent dream-come-true moment. *wide grin*

After two freakin' years.. I finally got to change my hair color! Hahaha! You know I'm shallow like that sometimes but heeyyy, really, I am so happy!

Remember this?

I guess I'm just getting bored with my eternally black, long and straight {ok, rebonded} hair. I first thought of hair perming. But life happens and some cool gals out there had a shot at it first. So it'll have to wait until 2012 for me. {hantagaaaal} Exactly while I'm thinking of anything, just anything, to do with my hair, I bumped into a beauty blog featuring Loreal INOA, Innovation No Ammonia.No ammonia hair color. Reviews are good and so I'm convinced. Target is before the year ends. December, don't come yet. I still have to prepare myself to endure humiliation in case it doesn't go well. 

And this?  

dream and do update

Can you give me until the end of August to tick this off? And can you wish me enough determination to visit the salon? I am sooo lazzeehh.

And lastly this? 

some leftovers and new goals for 2012

4. Experiment with my hair color
Here's the story. I've been sporting dead rebonded hair for as long as I can remember and I cannot just dye my hair or they'll be double dead. Haha! This March, I swear I'm going to seek for some expert's advice and finally tick this off my list. 

Kadiri 'diba? It was such a struggle when really it was just easy. See what procrastination can do? But long story short, I'm no longer sporting long jet black hair. It's now some sorta auburn with hits and misses here and there. Hehehe! xP You have to understand guys, I made it myself and it's my first time. Promise to do better next time. And that next time is not too far from today because I'm enjoying this 'kulay ng buhok' thing.

By the way, I used Revlon Colorsilk #42, Medium Auburn. It's for P395 at Watsons. I used three boxes for my hair because it's not just long but it's also damn thick! I'm still not contented with the result so I got one more box {well I wished for it from our exchange gift}. It's not too much of a risk because it's not that drying nor does it hurt the scalp. I probably ask my sister to do some retouch on the ends because they're darker than the roots. We'll see what happens.

meanwhile, here are some behind the scenes

And of course, this post cannot end without me showing you what it looks like now. Tadaaah! Hindi obvious yung kulay dba? Hahaha! Took these in my cube at the office which probably explains why.. Excuses, I know! :P

now I wish I have brown eyes too :P

PEROOO.. whether I succeed or I failed.. whether it suits me or not.. Goal #4. Experiment with my hair color - CHECK! 

Happy Holidays everyone! I accept gifts in the form of comments. :)



anney said...

Bagay sayo! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Advance Happy New Year!

Apple Borbon said...

@anney. thanks! happy new year, anney! :)