Saturday, December 1, 2012

day2: this surfing thing in bagasbas

And I'm baaack! More Calaguas stories for y'all!! Brace yourselves for my exciting first time surfing experience. Here I go again exaggerating but anyway let's begin where we should begin.

good morning, Calaguas

We all woke up early on our second day but there's no beating Ruel with regards to this matter. As soon as I opened our tent I saw him running around playing frisbee. Move over Gary V, he's our own version of Mr. Pure Energy. Hahaha! More proof? I invited them to go jogging and tadaahhh.. only Monique and Ruel went with me. Monique got tired a little past our starting line {hehehe} and I went on with Ruel. I thought I can make it 'til the other end of the island but you know how sometimes we fail ourselves. Haha! So there, only Mr. Pure Energy finished until the other end. Partida naman sa 'kin, I still jogged on our way back. 

After that, Jun and I had our fair share of 'kada' moments. That's how we call each other by the way. So highschool I know, but who careeess!? *taas kilay*

We were also teasing Ruel and Sheena the whole time hence their picture below. Once and for all Ruel, hindi ka crush ni Sheena kaya wag kang masyadong suplado. I-add mo na sya sa Facebook. Hahahaha! Uh-oh, I'm losing control over my words but I'm definitely not taking them back. Friends, this is what happens when I blog feeling hyper. Yes, at 3 in the morning. Nocturnal person, right heerreee! xD


Breakfast followed but we were not able to take 'breakfast' pictures. The whole time we were in Calaguas we ate like hungry dinosaurs - not minding we have blogs waiting for the littlest detail. I apologize. I promise to do better next time. Pinky swear, anyone? :)

Knowing that we were heading to Bagasbas by around 9am, we squeezed in a short pictorial. We also took our last dip in Calaguas waters. Too bad we didn't have underwater cameras. As understandable as it is, everyone's scared to bring their cameras near the water. Better luck next time dearies, I wish we have an underwater camera in Boracay.

fave shots ♥

We allotted ample time for preparing our things and probably ourselves too. We were the first group, again, to ride the boat. We took the same good seats as we had on our way there. It took a while before we left as we waited for the others to arrive. If I'm not mistaken, which I hope I'm not, we left Calaguas at around 10am. The boat ride this time is way better. The waves were more calm and according to them, we are no longer against the current. You can roll eyes as you please, I felt the same when I'm being refreshed of my Physics. {Or was that Chemistry? Hehe. I kid!}

We were almost back in the port at around 1pm but luck was against us. The water was too shallow for us to dock so we waited until we can pass. We arrived at the port almost an hour after. At the port, several jeepneys were waiting for us. They brought us to where we can transfer to the bus that will bring us to Bagasbas. We were there at around 3pm.

We had our super duper mega late lunch at Surfer's Inn. It was still included in the package. Sulit trip is sulit. :) We hurried to finish our food to make way for the day's highlight.. surfing!!  We availed of their 1 hour surfing tutorial for 400 pesos inclusive of the surf board rental and the kuyang instructor services.

in case these will be our last photos
As expected, we were briefed first - types of surf board, parts of the surf board, techniques, tips and horror stories. Hahaha! They were sorta sexist as they keep on reminding about girls' faults when it comes to actual surfing. Kesyo after the semplang inuna pa magtali ng buhok bago hanapin ang surf board.. Common guys, I know I proved you wrong. xP

How's the surfing experience, you may ask. It was difficult and frustrating at first. I thought I won't be able to stand at that damn board. But after a few tries, and slowly learning the techniques.. I made it!! It feels so good to have reached the shore standing at that surf board. Heaven, pare! I felt so proud of myself. Hahaha! I have this feeling I get judged when it comes to physical activities because I look fragile and pa-girl, but I see to it that I prove everyone wrong.

with kuya bob, thank youu!!

Moving on, at around 5pm, we're done with our first time surfing experience {except for Jun who's tried it already in La Union.. or Baler?!} We freshened up at Surfer's Inn and had our dinner there too. It's no longer included in the package, by the way. We only ordered in advance before we went surfing so that as soon as we're done, our dinner's ready.

We all thought that we have to hurry to make it to Melvic's van transfer to the bus terminal.. but we're wrong! We had quite a lot of time waiting for our departure. Good thing they provided rooms where guests can rest or take a quick nap. We really can't ask for more from this package. :) 

The moment we were able to charge.. we were hyper kids again. Kung kelan pauwi na, that's when we had our group shots. Magaling!

 now let me see those funny faces

At around 8pm, we left Bagasbas. Several vans brought the guests to the bus terminal where we caught our ride back to Manila. It was another 9pm to 8am bus ride but we didn't mind, nevertheless. We all went back to our home cities happier kids with another travel milestone in life.

Aaaanndd speaking of milestone..Goal #11. Surf in Calaguas - CHECK!!

Stay tuned for my itinerary, expenses and some link lovin' post.. that's up next! :)



Aiza said...

COngrats on the strikethrough on your life list sis! Surfing's on my list too. Yay, sexy mu sa bikini ha! I wish I can lose my belly fat too!

Anonymous said...

sarap!!!!!!! congrats playmate! *clap*clap*clap* :)

anney said...

Gusto ko din matuto mag surf! Kering keri mo mag 2 piece! sexyyyyyyyy

Apple Borbon said...

@miss c. thanks! go try surfing. super enjoy! :)

@anne. playymaatee! i miss you na! haha!

@anney. thanks, anney! try mo rin. hihi. :)