Sunday, December 9, 2012

remember, remember, the second of november

Hi guys! I'm so back from Boracay. I'm still confused whether I love or hate my sun-kissed skin but let's just leave that for another post. Meanwhile, let me work on my unfinished businesses back in the month of November. So last month but hell yeah, better late than never!

Remember, remember, the second of November. Ring a bell? Got that from a nursery rhyme that actually says "remember, remember, the fifth of November". Forgive me for all the non-sense. Apparently, my brain cells got toasted in Boracay too. Depleted na nga, na-toast pa! xP

Enough of my non-sense. All I wanted to share are some photos from our visit to Manila Memorial Park. It's where my departed loved ones from the father side lie. We used to visit two cemeteries every All Soul's day but this time we weren't able to go to Sanctuario de Paz. Mom opted to schedule our visit to lolo this month since his birthday is on the 14th. We'll see about that, mother.

fam bam ♥

crazy foools!

papi's angels

the parentals


family extension

Woot! One down! More November fever comin'.  Then my grand week-long vacay at Boracay! Can't wait to share stories of my recent trip with y'all!



SunnyToast said...

perfect for family bonding! ang saya nyo lagn:)

Apple Borbon said...

@sunnytoast. indeed! crazy fools with the family forevah!! :)