Friday, February 1, 2013

nothing like the holidays

Oh it's the love month! I see. How about a blog post about the holidays? Haha! Forgive me guys, you know how I got so preoccupied last month - my resignation, moving out of the condo, meeting friends before I hibernate, and of course, blogging about Boracay! Long list, didn't I tell you? So if you'd allow me, here's a post on.. my holidaaayyss! Yaayyy! So appropriate. :) 

Let's begin with Christmas parties.. I only got to attend two. Three supposedly but at some point I decided not to attend our project's western-themed party. Let's just say I wasn't in the mood to dress up. No, scratch that, I really didn't want to attend. Period.

So I only got to attend our team's party and a simple 'badjao' get together. Our team's Christmas party was held in.. a.. uhmm.. conference roommm! Yeeyy! But at least it was the first time that our team {test team} and the dev team had a joint celebration. It was a little awkward but fun nevertheless. The best part though was that we had mango bravo. Yes, the popular cake from Conti's. I want I want I want!!

mango bravo is love ♥

exchange gifts

dev and ku-yu-ey

I currently do not have photos of our badjao get together but I'll upload some as soon as I get them. It was really simple - chips, exchange gifts, cards, killers {I mean the game}. I wasn't feeling well that night and became really sick afterwards. 

Update 04.03.2013
Because I just had to do what I told my readers {imaginary ones I know, and so?} I'd do. Here are photos of our simple badjao get together. And yeess, another reason why I added them is because I'm purty in them. Harhar.

Ms. Ana's treat that same day

exchange gift photos, just thought of stating the obvious

Let's move on to our Christmas at home, shall we? I promise not to bore you with all the details. After all, it was just the traditional Christmas Eve that we always had - dressing up a little, picture taking, some fireworks and a lot of eating. With a lot, I really mean a looottt! I have my big belly to prove that!

outside the house for some fireworks


opening of gifts

before they went to our bellies

mother and daughter

more photos to cap the night

Come New Year, we exerted a little more effort. We had customized shirts, lights and sounds outside, a lot more fireworks, more food I guess. 

lights, sounds and fireworks

lechon and ice cream, ftw

As expected the girls, including the old ones {hi mom!}, were crazy over pictures. See how our faces were fully made up? Mahiya kayo sa foundation at blush on namin. On the other side of the world, which meant just outside our house, the guys were busy setting up for their show. It's been a tradition as well, kuya will have sort of fireworks display while our neighbors watch them for free. I am seriously thinking of asking them viewing fees next time. Kidding. But what do you think? Hehe.

girls will always be girls

as for the guys.. here's what they do

We also had some crazy dances to summon the water serpent. I'm doubting this one though. We might have shooed it away instead.

this is how you summon the water spent

And when it struck midnight, we went outside to watch the fireworks! Kuya did an awesome job with the show while I did a not-so-awesome job taking its video. It was cut in five {or was that six} because I am panicking, I stop it from time to time. I also kept shouting "hindi ko na kaya magvideooo" because I was so scared. Hahaha! Loser!

before the show started

outfit of the night, why not?

Update 07.26.2013
Ha! I can't believe I thought I only cut the videos into five when the truth is I cut them into a whopping number of.. 10 videos!! Just saw my 'o1.o1.2o12 new year' folder again and it made me shake my head of dismay. Anyway, here's half of them. And oh, my voice is annoying. You've been warned.

Then of course, the longest part of the program is eating time! I bet you all agree. We ate until we can no longer move. But remember guys, there's no excuse to gluttony. 

And because we're camera whores.. here's another one! Happy Holidays guuyyss! Hahaha! xP

Now let's loose the extra pounds holiday gave. You with me?



SunnyToast said...

Bongga recap ito! It's good to know that you had a great year! spending days with our friends, lovenes and family are the best thing in life:)

btw I love you Lumix camera! pink!

Apple Borbon said...

@sunny toast. thanks! hope you had a good year too. :)