Wednesday, February 13, 2013

so it's goodbye again

As I've said, I QUIT MY THEN LIFE! Oohh, It's feels so good to say that. Haha! It's crazy for some, but for me, it's some sort of bravery. Because you know what? I have always lived my life according to the rules. Within my comfort zone. Where it's safe and sure. I've always been resistant to change, scared of taking chances, of risking what's already good. But finally, after 26 years of existence, I decided to jump to the unsure. I quit my job without any definite plans. Sure I know I want to work abroad sometime soon but heeyyy, I even haven't updated my resume since college. :) I also moved out of our place in Eastwood. I already lost count with the number of times I moved in and out of bed spaces, apartments and condos. Now I'm back with my parents. In a blink of an eye, I am where I was four years back. And I cannot be any happier. I  trust God's great plans and I know I am exactly where He wants me to be. At least, for now.

So, in line with the drama that is my life, here are some snapshots of my last days in the metro. I met with Sheena and Dwin first - my forever travel buddies. How many times have you heard that line from me? Haha! We had dinner at Serye and chilled a little at our condo. I didn't like Serye by the way. The food's not worth its price. Ha! Since when did I become a foodie? Scratch that, it's still worth a try.

two of my favorite people

Next, I had some sort of despedida with Badjao and friends. Flashback Boracay!! Yeahh, those people. Luckily, it's also Monique's birthday celebration so we got to divide the expenses. Wohoo! It was a simple get together of food, drinks and logic games from dusk til dawn. I still can't get over the fact that I didn't made it to the moon.. It was like, pupunta ako sa buwan, isasama ko si Jabey, ikaw sino isasama mo? Hahaha! You know those types of games. I didn't realize that buwan really meant months of the year so you have to answer with names starting with the first letter of the months.. J for January, F for February and so on. See? I really can't get over it. It was a dismay to my intelligent genes. Hahaha!

birthday & despedida girls plus the badjaos

random picture taking just because

we obviously didn't have decent photos

Update 07.26.2013
Adding our crazy vid from that day. Tiny & Ivan's take on the i-Dawn Zulueta mo kooo craze.

Lastly, I had an unplanned shopping sesh with Jov. One morning, I was hanging out at Caffe Bene alone when I thought of sending her a text message. Voila! In the afternoon, we're at Megamall looking for her stuff. She made me her personal shopping assistant. C'mon! Me? Just shopping assistant? Yeep! I took away my shopping rights since I quit my job and I can't afford to run low on funds that early. We also watched Sisterakas so I had fun still. 

everyone, meet Jov

That's it! I'm still contemplating whether I should start working on my resume or sleep the rest of the afternoon away. I seriously hope I choose to do what's right. 

Vertical Horizon

Leaving with you with my background song while blogging this. Thank you Vertical Horizon for my blog post subject. :)



xoxo_grah said...

stumble upon your blog while hopping...nice to meet you apple...:) Take your time by the way.


Tsina said...

Balik na tayo teh? Hihi. :)

Apple Borbon said...

@xoxo_grah. thanks for dropping by. :)

@tsina. noooohh! :P