Monday, February 11, 2013

a visit to lolo ♥

Wheew! I'm currently a dead kid due to another Aero Kae Bo sesh and I just thought of making this resting time worthwhile. Sharing another family day out to visit my grandpa from my mom's side at Sanctuario de Paz. Remember we failed to visit him last All Soul's day?

I actually thought of putting 'meet my family' in the subject line because that's how I, unintentionally at first, created the photo collages. Totally ignoring the fact that no one might be interested, I'm serving the collages purpose still. 

so, meet my family

Mom and Dad. I call them mama and papi, respectively. I know moms can really be bungangera at times but my mom's case is a serious one. Hahaha! I'm running out of words just trying to emphasize how loud she can get. Pag nagising sya, gising na ang lahat ng tao sa bahay. She will check all of us from our rooms and will move around and talk without a care. It is that bad, believe me. What's best in her though is how strong she is. Sometimes I get scared of having my own family with the thought of needing to be as strong as her. 

Papi, on the other side, do not need words to gain authority and respect. Probably the reason why he was a barangay chairman for about 20 years. It amuses me how he does that. For others, he may always seem to be a tough guy - never resting his case to anyone {hindi nagpapatalo in other words} but for us, we've definitely seen his soft side. Probably softer than mom's. xP He's the best cook, he has repeating stories, he can sing and dance, he has a taste in fashion, he's tiny and he has nose as large as mine. Hahaha! I'll always be thankful I inherited things from him - good or bad.

best mom and dad, eveerrr

Mommy and Daddy. Also known as kuya Ga or Yags and ate Tin. Yags is our cousin. His mom and our dad are siblings. But if you'll get to witness a day in our lives, it's like ate Tin is our cousin. Yags can get shy sometimes while mommy is always in our house or should I say in our kitchen, eating with us and with baby. She loves to cook too at kapag kinareer nya ang pagluluto, we all end up eating in their house naman. On the other hand, Yags is the techie one. Computer, electronics, mobile, lights, sounds.. you name it, he got it. Feeling MacGyver kasi. :P Btw, they are the parents of the cutsie patootsie, Faye.

second set of mom and dad

Me. The fairest of them all! Hahaha! I am the eldest of four siblings. Growing up, I've always been known as the OC one. My room can never be a mess, the clothes in my closet are arranged by color, no one can touch my things, no one can lie in my bed, I should always be on top of things. Yes, that cranky. I'd like to believe I have mellowed in time but I'm still being told of being too perfectionist at times. And because I got stressed of a lot of things last year, I'll try to be more carefree this time. I can't promise but I'll try.

moi ♥

Anit and Gigi. Odd nicknames I know but life is unfair like that sometimes. Hahaha! Joyce Anne or fondly called as Anit is my, well, obviously, sister. We were born July 17 and 18, respectively, only a year apart. As kids, she's the 'mataba and maputi' while I am the 'payat and maitim'. To make it worse, she's the 'mabait' and I am the 'masungit'. Everyone likes her better but I really can't remember feeling bad about it. After all, it's how I want it. I've always been the anti-social hermit. Until now, we're total opposites. She's happy-go-lucky while I plan like things like crazy. Thankfully, we're over with our walang-pansinan-for-years syndrome. Reminds me so much of Maxx and Sab. Hahaha! Feeler.

John Daren or Gigi is the only thorn among the roses. I am so glad he didn't turn to be a rose just like us. Hahaha! Seriously though, he never showed a sign. He has the most normal childhood. Anit and I never had the chance to play with our neighbors but Gigi's case is the total opposite. Andaming barkada, laging nasa labas kaya maitim. Hehe, peace brotha! He's the spoiled one hence he matured a little late. But now, he's growing to be the man he should be. A little more time and I can see him leaving his computer games.

chubby wobbly sibs

Dana and Faye. The maaartes, like, supeeerr, yah knooow! Haha! Dana is like me and Anit rolled into one. She looks like me but she has talents like Anit's. She has stuff like mine but her room is a mess like Anit's. She's heavyhearted and carefree at the same time. Perfect example of crazy!! Being the bunso, she gets bullied a lot at home. Too bad she's pikon and she always ends up being mad at us. She's the family's official side kick too perhaps because she has vast interest with things. I personally love tagging her along because she loves shopping and fashion as much as I do. She's the sweetest and most thoughtful too. 

And Faye? The dalagita trapped in a three-year-old body. I swear her actions and words do not reflect she's just three. She's so smart and witty. Just last night, she said 'maanghang' referring to the ice cream. Papito asked, 'may maanghang ba na ice cream?' Then she said, 'eto', pointing to her ice cream. She's talented too. She can carry a tune at such a young age. She has gone to an academic school  and ballet school. Only that, she gets in trouble most of time. As much as she's a darling most of the time, it's freaking scary when she gets mad. She screams like there's no tomorrow and just like her papito, she never rests her case. There's no way she'd give up on the things she wants. Looks trouble to her mom and dad. Uh-oh.

She calls mama - mamita and papi - papito, by the way. Too cute not to mention.

a love-hate relationship

Granny, Allen and PJ, Ate Gina and Mary. More of our extended family? Let's begin with my grandma. Mom's mom. Mom frequently says, "moher din yang lola nyo, eh" when granny's being a biatch. Did I just use that word for my grandma? Hahaha! I mean no evil though. My point is that, being a biatch runs in the blood. Hehe. We are a family of maldita and sutil and there's just no denying that! Isn't that ironic? We are a tight-knit family, so bound with love, yet all beastly individuals. 

Allen and PJ. Sons of my cousin from my mother side. Apo ni lola, in other words. We used to visit lolo with the entire Abadilla clan but this time my mom chose to skip the stressful task of making everyone's schedule meet. Not to mention, my two cousins are pregnant and another just gave birth. More Allen and PJ to come. 

Lastly Ate Gina and Mary. Ate Gina is Faye's sitter while Mary is Ate Gina's daughter. Our extended family got a little more extended. Don't you just love that? I do. ♥ :)

more extensions.. why not?

Up next, my despedida brought about by quitting my Accenture and Eastwood life. Isn't my life exciting? Haha! Meanwhile, allow me to continue being a dead kid. 



sherene said...

My father served as a brgy captain for almost 20 years just like ur father:)
Thank you for visiting and following my blog:)
Love ur site too will definitely come back and read ur adventures:)

joanne said...

It's nice to meet your family! Funny how you describe your mom. And your dad, just like mine, hindi rin nagpapatalo yun! Favorite ko si Faye, bakit kaya maanghang yun icecream, haha. You kinda resemble Jessica Sanchez sa photo, anyone ever told you before?

Thanks for following my blog, btw. Followed you back! :D

Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

nice meeting your family, virtually that is. :)

we have something in common I guess, we're both working in the same field, IT I suppose, based on your previous company (accenture).

anyway, thanks for visiting and following my blog, followed you back, too. :)

Apple Borbon said...

@sherene. thanks! we both have amazing fathers I suppose.

@joanne. as much as I hate it, yes. i've been told couple of times already. thanks for following me back.

@tal. yeah, IT :) thank you for following me back.