Thursday, February 7, 2013

2012 at a glance

It maybe a tad bit too late to look back but I'm doing it anyway.  :)


 New Year
...and finally, the christmas season with the family
We welcomed 2012 with our traditional polka dots, fireworks, lights, sounds and lotsa fooodd.

 Camiguin-Bukidnon-CDO Tour
Invaded Mindanao for thu-ree daaayys! What better way to start the year than to travel, right? Camiguin Countryside tour and White Island Tour, longest zipline in Dahilayan Bukidnon and super fun white water rafting experience in CDO.


 QA Teambuilding at Sta. Rosa, Laguna
because we're cool like that
Overnight swimming with the best heart to heart talk the team has ever had, then off to Enchanted Kingdom. Can I just say that the EK EKstreme is extremely crazy?!!


 Papi's 62nd Birthday
Short but sweet. I meant the celebration, not my father! Hahaha! Although if you think about, it's like describing my dad too. ;)

 Day Out with the Best Friend
It was the month I am feeling the lowest of low. If you know what I mean. Thank heaven for best friends. They sure are instant pick-me-uppers.


 Swimming Here and There
another spur-of-the-moment kind of thing
just keep swimming, just keep swimming ♩♪♫
Random swimming here and there, because we can :D Plus swimming lessons because it has been my frustration for as long as I can remember.

 Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross
Because I hate anything mainstream - including Holy Week commemoration.

 Random Visits
She knows perfectly when I need her. Probably that's why I haven't seen her for a while. Hihi. I miss you this girl though. Go out soon?

 QA Teambuilding at Hundred Islands
Anong ginagawa sa Hundred Islands? Nag-i-island hopping! Nyeee! doo wa dee dee dee dee dum dee dee do! Hehehe! Seriously, it was another one for the books. I never dreamt of jumping off a cliff but I did try it anyway. Sakit sa puwet!

 Mama's 51st Birthday
A day spent in La Mesa Eco Park. It's perfect for the family. It's also where another dream came true - wall climbing!! Sometimes I can't hide the butiki in me :P


 Quezon City Circle with the Best Friend
This is, for the Nth time, in line with my dream of learning how to ride the bike. Ginamit ko na lahat ng tao, pero fail pa rin ako. Better luck this 2013.

 Lumix, Baby!
My one and only gadget purchase of the year! I am no techie and I have no money, that's why! :P


 Mall Visits with the Sister
My shopping buddy would definitely be my youngest sister. Like I have a choice, duh.

 Pamarta Bali with Sheena and Dwin
My infinity pool dweeaamm with my forever travel buddies.


 Overseas and Not-So-Overseas Visits
Beth was back from Malaysia while some relatives were back from the US. On the other hand, Sheena visited from The Fort for an expensive dinner with Dwin. A month can sometimes be jam-packed!

 Birthday Celebration with the Team
Joint birthday celebration of Carol and I at Friday's. Expensive but worth it nonetheless. I miss everyone already. It's not even a month since I resigned. Booo!

 Birthday Celebration with the Family
Joint birthday celebration with the sister this time. Our birthdays are one day apart thus I never had a birthday celebration all for myself. Pretty tragic, huh?

 Treats from Agnes
A merienda budget that went a long way. Happy tummies every now and then. Burrppp! 

 ATA Awarding and Anniversary
Just in time for my birthday month, I got ATA certified. Work related.  Let me hear you say, boring. Boorriiinngg! Hahaha! Just in time too that after my awarding, I still made it to our batch anniversary dinner. Four years, my dear Accenture.


 Birthdays and Arcades
My most random month of the year - just birthdays, mallings and Timezone addiction. I already went on rehab though. I am back to my normal self. :)


The month I got reminded of my belief, "manatiling maganda sa kabila ng lahat". Please tell me you noticed the difference.

 Ate Val's Despedida
Quite an impressive number of relatives for a get together. Good job, Ate Val! Kung hindi ka pa aalis..

 Dana's Birthday Celebration
Yet another family pig-out session at Racks! We bond and catch up over food, may it be in or outside the house. Now stop wondering why we're fat. Yes, I believe I'm fat! You wouldn't want to argue.


 QA Teambuilding at Antipolo
Non-stop teambuilding just 'cause we have the budget to burn. Work hard now, party later!

 Calaguas-Bagasbas Trip
Another strike through on my list - Calaguas! Just a balance between having the patience to wait and perseverance to push through, dreams really do come true. Best beach to date, definitely beating Boracay!

 October Whatnots
Halloween Celebration. Playplace. Pancakes.


 All Soul's Day
A tradition I grew up with. My dad's parents and four of his siblings were laid to rest there. I guess Holy Cross will forever be a part of our Novembers. 

 Indoor Swimming
One of the perks of my condo back in Eastwood. Haayy, this is becoming rather nostalgic.

 Starbucks Forever
Visitors from the US of A once again - Jon, Ags and Silina! Jon and Ags treated the team to Starbucks while Silina treated Sheena and I at Blu Fish. We headed to Starbucks with Dwin and tadaaa I got my planner!

 Faye's 3rd Birthday
Our little darling had two birthday celebrations - a kiddie party and a family lunch at Tong Yang. Papi had fun grilling everything within his reach. Mas nag-enjoy pa si lolo. xP

 Ags-Jon Nuptials
A rare chance of looking all glammed up! I used to never like the idea of this type of dressing up but I kinda enjoyed it a little. I wonder when is my next chance coming.


 Boracay Trip
day 1: let's fly to boracay
day 4: beach boom booms
day 5: helmet diving and parasailing ♥
day 6: fishing and snorkeling
day 7: some good things never last
boracay: itinerary, expenses and some link loving ♥
Longest vacay eveeerr! It left me so broke, dark and messed up but heeyy, no regrets!

nothing like the holidays
CP Dev and QA Christmas party, Badjao get together and the holidays with the family. Times like these, I am reminded I'm blessed. Thank you Lord big time!

Wheew! That was long. I definitely saw the past year at a glance. It may not be the best year for me but it's definitely worth being grateful for. 2013, you've got to be better than this!



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