Tuesday, March 5, 2013

throwback march 2o1o: bohol

Throwbaaaccckkk!! :) But it's not like I already ran out of recent happenings to blog about. I actually still have Nuvali and my dad's birthday celebration on queue. The culprit of this throwback is the fact that I haven't gotten a copy of our Nuvali photos - well except the ones I took from my camera which as expected are not enough to give justice to a travel post. Why am I even explaining?!! Ewan nyo sa 'kin! Haha!

So anyway, back in 2010, life gave me my first real travel experience. Of course prior to that I've been to some neighbor provinces - Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna, Batangas and.. uhmm.. geez, here goes my limited knowledge in geography again. :P And oh, I've been to Puerto Galera way back in 2009. But the point is THIS  is my first airplane ride!! Milestone kaya to! And my first destination? The queen city of the south.. CEBU!!!

I won't go through a detailed itinerary of how many hours our flight got delayed, or how long the travel time was, or where did we replenish our starving tummies.. let's just leave that to Sheena! Click on the link later though. Hahaha! Rather, I'll be posting photos of the places we visited and some other highlights.. like my outfit shots. Hehe. Alam nyo naman tayo, maipilit lang. So, you guys ready? Time warp na toohhh!! 

Our first airplane ride. Thank you to Cebu Pacific for sharing this special moment with us. So yun na nga, we landed in Cebu only to travel more all the way to Bohol. I was with my Accenture girls, by the way.

Dumaluan Beach Resort. That's where we stayed and that's where the outfit shot below was taken. It's only now that I realized - even before this blog, and even before I knew of the term OOTD, that's apparently what I've been doing. Top and Skirt from Crissa. Flats from Gibi. Back in the days when Forever 21 isn't in the picture yet.

DBR Grill. I can vividly remember how long it took before our food got served. Lumubog na't lahat ang araw, wala pa rin. 

Panglao Beach at Night. My first love. Unfortunately, I do not believe in the saying "first love never dies". It died when I saw Calaguas. It died the second time when I saw Boracay. So much for first love. 

Panglao Beach in the Morning. It's amazing how the shore moved several meters further leaving the sand cement-hard with a starfish print on the side. Amazeballs!

Tarsier Viewing. A Bohol trip is never without a photo op with the tarsiers. I am just glad my contact lenses made my eyes seem smaller. I could have been captured and placed on a tree just like them. They also had a flying lemur which we were trying to show off in the photo below. I chopped it off in favor of our faces. Brilliant!!

Chocolate Hills. I didn't expect it to be that commercialized. I thought we were going to trek a little among trees and wild plants in order to get to the hills. But no. They had stairs, ornamental plants, cottages, photo packages and lot more I didn't expect. At that time, I was unaware that blog exists and that there are travel blogs and that they can help you manage your expectations. At least now I know. :)

Butterfly Sanctuary. It's where butterflies are a little weird. I could have asked if they were trained or what. Photo below shows a butterfly that landed on my head. Had that happened back in Manila, it would creep the hell out of me. But moving on from creepy butterflies, the place sells one of the best ice candies I've ever tasted - Madame Butterflies Natural Fruit Ice Cream.

Loboc Hanging Bridge. Definitely a no-no if you have fear of heights. It's really kind of scary walking on a loose bridge and seeing a huge river beneath it. I was never afraid of heights but I still can't swim back then. Look at me holding carefully on the rails. Haha! I hate looking like a loser.

Loboc River Cruise. The food may be mediocre but the experience is definitely one of a kind. Imagine having your lunch while being lulled to sleep. Haha! Kidding! But it's close to that. Eating while being serenaded plus a calming view. Although the river reminded me so much of Amazon. I can be ironic at times. Calming tapos Amazon? Kalma kalma din kahit may malaking ahas na? Hahaha!

Prony the Python. And speaking of snakes, here's one! But far from the snakes in Amazon, this one's a gentle giant. Although at that time, I found it to good to be true. It was like he's just trying to deceive us and by the time he's able to get our trust, bigla kaming lulunukin ng buo. Hahaha! Paranoia.

Baclayon Church.Super old church with super strict rules. Good thing I have my bolero {I mean shrug, not a bolero person. :P} with me or else I ended up being wrapped with a huge piece of green cloth. Don't you just wish churches here in Manila could implement the same? It wouldn't hurt dressing up a little more decent once in a while.

Blood Compact Monument. Blood compact, anyone? Just a thought. Let's say blood compact will ensure you tighter friendship bonds, will you do it? Hahaha! Waley! That's what I get from blogging in the wee hours of the morning. Weird blogging time. Weird thoughts. Tara! Blood compact na!! Girls? Girls? Yoohooo!!! Have you seen my friends? Hahaha!! :))

I am thinking of blogging all my previous travels since 2010 until I acquired this blog. Encouraging words? :)



Unknown said...

You visited my mother's hometown. I really like how you enjoyed your visit. Good Luck with the next travel posts.
Could we exchange links

xoxo_grah said...

I have been to bohol, and we have dinner at Dumaluan too...We were the ones who ordered first, so no worries with how long it took to grill everything, but it was worth it...:) I have had the island hopping instead of the visiting the chocolate hills,...atleast I can go back there...but I'd love to go to their adventure park instead...opps! saying much.. churi!.:)


sherene said...

Been to Cebu- Bohol last september and it was so fun id like to go back someday.
Pareho tyo ng pagkakakuwento sunod sunod hehehe, favorite ko yung sa butterfly sanctuary nakakatawa nung guide sa mga jokes niya tawa kami ng tawa.
Sa bee farm dikayo pumunta?
Nways, thanks for visiting my blog, new follower me:)

JonaBQ said...

Sarap talaga mag travel.....
Thanks for dropping by my blog :) be following you too.

our family


Apple Borbon said...

@faeill ho. yay! your mother has got an awesome hometown. thanks for dropping by. i followed you. :)

@xoxo_grah. totally fine. ;) that means i can go back too for island hopping naman!

@sherene. thanks for following back. nope, we didn't get to visit bee farm. but yes, our guide in the sanctuary was funny too.

@jonalyn quita. you betcha! thanks for following back.