Tuesday, March 19, 2013

throwback may 2o1o: puerto silangin

Hi guyyysss!! I am one heck of a bored person already. It's been two months since I quit my job. I'm running out of things to do, not to mention, running low on funds too. I am so kawawa. Hehehe. :P On the brighter side, I have this blog and I still have couple of items on my throwback list. Sooo.. once again, it's throwback time!!! 

Today I am going to bring you to Puerto Silangin, San Antonio, Zambaleeesss!! Yes, it is a neighboring island of Anawangin, Capones and Nagsasa. I honestly do not get why Silangin is a lot less popular. I've been to Anawangin and Capones too and if you'd ask me where to go back, I'd choose Silangin without thinking twice. You'll find out later why.

Presenting Puerto Silangiiinnn! I know, I know. Above are photos too nice to have been taken by me. As much as I hate to admit it, I didn't took them. A friend's friend did. He was our official photographer then. I told you guys, choose your friends wisely. Hahaha!

Anyway, I was with my college friends in this trip. We used to travel a lot then until well, we grew older and life happened. I also tagged along my sister so I'll have someone to share the tent with. I always had issues getting in close proximity with people and my sister was the closest thing to possible. 

It was my first camping experience and I felt like it was some sort of bahay-bahayan. Sobrang nakakaaliw! Although, of course, it's not all fun. We had to work hard for each meal. And maaann, cooking is really a lot of work! We had to practice camaraderie for 3 days and 2 nights to get along harmoniously and with happy bellies. 

Come night time, it was swimming time! I didn't bring any swimsuit hence I didn't join the girls in their photo sessions. I predicted I won't be in the mood to swim too much. And my prediction was right!! Matter of factly, I can't remember dipping in the water. Hahaha! As much as I can be too 'game' at times, I can be too 'kj' also. When do we consider one as bipolar again? Hahaha!! 

Before bedtime, the guys made a bonfire. It could have been perfect with hot dogs and marshmallows but obviously, we didn't have them. What made the night more interesting are the photo ops. DSLRs are not yet a common thing to us then so we were all giddy for professional-looking photos.

Time for some more shots of the place in the morning. Ain't the view so fetch? Plus we were the only group in the island. We had it all by ourselves on a summer month!! I doubt if Anawangin will ever be this solemn again. 

And then here's our obligatory group shots collage. It's always like this - the girls are beautiful *eheeemm ubo ubo* while the guys are fun! They are soooo fuuunn! Yes, fun is the right adjective. Hehehe. 

Then there's a little horror. Dun dun dun duuunnn!! My turn to help in cooking came! Back then, I know nothing about cooking. I am our kitchen's worst nightmare, believe me. But still, I managed to help! I fried meat looaaff!! Whoaah!! I am so amazing! Hahaha! My cooking stint was successful but that doesn't mean I escaped the teasing. Oh well.

Before going home, my sister and I kidnapped our photographer somewhere far for more photo ops. Ang kapal lang namin. :P I was sporting a black and yellow ensemble tapos feeling ko sobrang porma ko na!  Hahaha! 3 years after, I won't dare wear something as matchy matchy as this. Ughh!

Before I end this noncomprehensive post, let me give you more reasons why Silangin is the booommbb!! First, the place has electricity and water source. Sarap buhay considering we were camping. And then, the comfort room! My goodness, it's so posh. Definitely far from what we all expected. I stole a photo from Biyaherong Barat just so you can see.

And then the kitchen! It's complete with a sink and utensils. It also has a bed where one of my friends slept. Instant accommodation!

And lastly, it has a cool viewing deck! I stayed there for most of my me-time. Perfect tambayan for loners like me. Hahaha!

Ohaaa!? Didn't I tell you Silangin is the perfect escape from its crowded neighbor islands. Didn't I tell yaaahh? Didn't I tell yaaaahhhh?! Hahaha!!



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wow!! group vacations are the best!!! lovely photos and scenery!! :D so jealous of the beach and weather!

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thanks guys! :)