Friday, March 8, 2013

throwback march 2o1o: cebu

As much as I hate the social suicide of posting old photos, at this point, I have no other obvious choice because I already started this throwback thing on my blog. I hate unfinished businesses, just so you know. So what are you all waiting for? Ride a ferry with me back to CebuAng hindi sumama, pangit! :P

Fort San Pedro. Our first stop, Fort San Pedro. The one we mistakenly called Fort Santiago couple of times. Hah! We are IT people, we rather do Math than recall History. On second thought, I think I am fine without both. Really. And what's with Fort San Pedro? Hmm. Old structures, high walls and towers, and uhmm.. museum.. garden.. and.. uhmm.. anobayan, sabing Math na lang eh. :P One memorable sighting though is the wishing well. Why memorable? Kasi hindi ko man lang na-shoot yung piso ko. I didn't even had a shot for a wish. Meeh.

Magellan's Cross. An unexpected small enclosed space with a cross. Yun na! Quick photo-op then we're out of the place. Getting inside took us even longer because of the kids who were persistent in selling their stuff.. or were they asking for coins? I can't exactly remember. Haller, three years ago, pagbigyan na. 

Basilica del Sto. Niño. Stayed a little while to pray. I made fun of my wishing well incident and told them I just prayed for my wish since my coin didn't make it to the well. Ganun talaga. Laugh at your own mistakes. Make fun of your own mishaps. Make everything work to your advantage. Ay, wishing well pa ba topic dito? Hahaha! :P

Edge Coaster. Our last stop was Crown Regency Hotel. It is where the Skywalk Extreme and Edge Coaster are located. We tried Edge Coaster first. Yes, it was a one-of-a-kind experience, but I didn't find it any thrilling. That's what you get when you're not afraid of heights. Less thrill, less fun!

Skywalk Extreme. I enjoyed this more because you're more free to move around and scare yourself. Dungaw dito, dungaw doon. The picture taking was fun too as seen in the photos below. But if you'll ask me if I'll take another shot of this whole Skywalk Experience Adventure, I'd say NO {well except if it's free :P}. It's far from the thrill of spelunking in Sagada or rafting in CDO. I do not even know if my comparison made sense but whatever!

Crown Regency Hotel. We stayed longer to wait for our photos and certificates. Funny that while everyone took ownership of their certificates, no one thought of our CD photo compilation. We were in the airport already when we realized we weren't able to get it. But all's well that ends well. We just called them and requested for the soft copies to be emailed to us. Voila! Posted on my blog already!!

Our second airplane ride. And it was time to go home. I came to realize how lucky I am to have found these girls, especially Sheena and Celine. Sabi nga natin, travel buddies!! ♥ :)

Click this link for the expenses. Stolen from Sheena's blog.

Contact numbers below. 
Hope and pray that they're still working cause this trip is like three years ago. xP

Dumaluan Resort - 09228347481
Kuya Tatsky (Bohol) - 09157945556
Kuya Danny (Cebu) - 09193753071



xoxo_grah said...

good for you to experience cebu...parang manila lang din ang cebu...a busy city...been there a couple of times, pero di pa ako nakaka pag got me really thinking...thanks for the reminder..:)


Eagleman said...

wow mukang maganda dyan sa edge coaster at sky walk.. takot ako sa heights pero i have to push my self.. sa april nandyan kami sa cebu at hindi ko palalagpasin yan : )

hxero said...

buti na lang naimbento ang camera hehehe para ma-relived ulit ang magagandang experience. dko na try yung skywalk sa cebu...

Bhie - said...

adventures looks so fun ...sarap talagang mag-trippings kasama mga barakada's ..thanks for sharing ms. apple :)

Bhie - said...

hello Ms. Apple .. appreciate your comments on my recent post .,thank you :)

i'm following a couple of months , what i did is i copy your add -
and i add this o my reading list then i saw everytime you post .. see yah around :)

Apple Borbon said...

@xoxo_grah. skywalk is worth a try naman, i promise :)

@xan gerna. yay! face your fears! pasalubong?

@hxero. there's always a next time. try mo! it's fun!!

@rubhie. you're welcome dear. i was just wondering if there's a way i can follow your blog kasi i didn't see the button for google connect. :)