Sunday, March 24, 2013

throwback august 2o1o: puerto princesa underground river

Because I can't figure out how to squeeze in our 3-day Puerto Princesa trip in a single post, let's do this in parts. Would that be alright? Yes, people. I'm asking you like there's anything you can do with that. Harhar.

Day 1 Underground River
It was the same day as our flight to Puerto Princesa. We were very much in a hurry that we headed straight to the underground river from the airport. We weren't able to check-in first to Aniceto Pension. I was forced to change clothes in Jollibee where we took out our lunch from. Maarte problems, I know. There's just no way I am ruining an 'outfit plan'. Hehehe. 

I must admit I was really in awe with the place. It wouldn't be a wonder of nature for nothing, right? I know the photos below do not give justice to the beauty of the place but sharing still - the underground river from the amateurs' lenses.

Inside the cave were more surprises. I was so impressed with the rock formations because at that time I haven't been to Sagada's Sumaguing Cave. It could have been better if people are allowed to get off the boat for photo ops but then that would be so dangerous. And freaking scary. But fun. Geez. What am I  thinking? 

Here's how we looked like inside. It's eerie but not to the point that it took away the fun. If you know what I mean. We were lucky enough too that we had such an amusing boatman. Sobrang benta!!

After the tour, we spent some time outside for more photo ops. Too bad swimming isn't allowed because they say, it is a marine sanctuary.

We checked-in at Aniceto Pension then hurried out again for merienda and more lakwacha. We ate some weird halo-halo at Sari's Baryo. We had a hard time looking for a place to eat because the restaurants were closed. Apparently, most of them only open at lunch and dinner time.

We then took our much deserved rest back in Aniceto. While traveling is fun, let's all admit it's pretty tiring too. Personally, I prefer itineraries that allow you to breathe. Enough time for rest, for updating your countless social media accounts, for quick naps.. This trip is exactly that except when we had to skip checking-in.

So anyway, for dinner we ate at Kinabuch's Bar and Grill, house of the famous and equally gross tamilok. At some point, I thought I regret that I didn't try it. But if I'll be given another chance, I still won't try it - which means I really do not regret it. Ano daw? Hahaha!

After dinner and their tamilok adventure, we went back to our crib and called it a night.  We knew another long day is waiting for us. 



Pink Line said...

na-miss ko ang puerto prinsesa.. specially the underground river :)

hi girl thanks for the follow.. i love your blog, pink! hehe.. followed you back ;)

Unknown said...

it looks like you guys are having lots of fun!

Sybil said...

I've been to the underground cave!!! amazingness!! :D thanks for sharing these photos!

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Steph-G said...

ganda nmn! I love being in new places but i hate the travel i get motion sickness very easily :( thank you for following my blog :D I'm a new follower!

Apple Borbon said...

@pink line. the place deserves to be missed. thanks for following back.

@kri. we had fun, indeed. :)

@libys11. you're welcome. it's good you've been there too.

@steph-g. aww. that's sad to hear. although you can take meds naman. thanks for following back.