Tuesday, March 12, 2013

throwback april 2o1o: taal (plus my travel diaries widget)

If you're happy and you know it.. BLOG!! :) 

I've been positive and lighthearted lately. With lately, I mean.. like a month already? Hihi. Tonight is no different. My brother and I were laughing like crazy because I was teaching our 3-year old niece how to open a locked door with keys. There were four keys together and she can't figure out what she already tried and failed. Picture my niece's super cute face then add determination, annoyance and anger. Hahaha! She even had "napapagod na ko" lines but she kept on trying. Haha! I can't get over it. Now I didn't want to waste the good vibes so I thought of blogging. It's such a breeze to think and joke around when your happy, right? There, I just let you in on a secret. 

Anyway, for tonight let's relieve the moment of my first unglamorous short trip. This was back in the days when I haven't dreamt of trekking nor running, or any other strenuous physical activities. I was the typical girly-girly back then so imagine the horror when I found out I have no choice but to join the activity. We had clients then and they personally chose to trek Taal. Trekking? Why on earth? Hahaha! And as I've said I had no choice. Or probably I had. I was just too chicken to say no then. 

And the experience? It was horrible! I remember posting on Facebook just how horrible it was - heat of the sun, dusty trail, smelly horses. Those were my exact issues. Ang arte ko dati dba? Annoying!! Hahaha! But as cliché as it may sound, it's true that change is the only constant thing in this world. 3 years after this nerve-wracking incident, I have climbed mountains, joined fun runs, went spelunking, tried wall climbing, got frustrated in wakeboarding and successfully stood on a surf board! All that and even more!! 

I'd have to note though that this activity wasn't my turning point. It is after I found out about bucket lists that I realized I've been missing out a lot. And that there are a lot of things out there that we should try - even just once in this lifetime. Naks! Yan tayo eh!! :P

what I perceived as bad before ✌

the beauty that's Taal

I regret to inform you though that this blog post will entirely be personal - no travel details or whatsoever. Heeyy, I know nothing about organizing trips back then. Plus this was three freakin' years back! I really just had to do this throwback thing altogether because as you can see I created a "travel diaries" widget on this blog. Look right or down. See it? See it? :)

Update 02.15.2014 
Deleted the photo 'cause I realized it's ugly. Instead, I have my TRAVEL PAGE now. Woohooo! :)

I was supposed to just list down all the places I've been to from A-Z like most travel bloggers do kaya lang my OCD hit me. By all means, I tried to understand a little about Philippine geography and tadaaaaa.. Thank you so much to Wikipedia. And since I'm feeling informative, not to mention, hyper tonight, I'm going to share some realizations I had. By the way, I tweeted the bullets below with the hashtag #geographyfordummies. I felt such an idiot!

  • I found out that Olongapo is just a city in the province of Zambales. All the while I thought Olongapo is a province by itself. All the while too I didn't know that Subic has got something to do with Zambales. At least now I know, Subic is a municipality of Zambales.
  • And speaking of municipality. It was my question too, what the heck is a municipality. Wikipedia said that a municipality, after reaching certain population and revenue requirements may opt to be a city. A bill should be passed then signed into law by the president. Really now.
  • All the while I thought Camiguin, Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro are equals. I don't know - probably they are all cities of a certain province, or they are all provinces by themselves. Anything that would make them peers. Apparently, I'm wrong. Camiguin and Bukidnon are provinces while Cagayan de Oro is just a city of Misamis Oriental. Why do we frequent the term CDO over Misamis Oriental??
  • I got refreshed that we have 17 regions and I found out that I've been to 10 of them. 7 more to go including Region II (Cagayan Valley), Region VIII (Eastern Visayas) and the rest from Mindanao. I doubt though if my parents will ever let me to Mindanao again.
  • Last but not the least, I realized that my bullets are black and there's no obvious way for a geography idiot to figure out how to switch their colors. Ho-huummm.
I cannot believe you let me bore you like that! ;)



sherene said...

Ang cute lang lang ng batang na fru frustrate perp trying pa rin no, right attitude.
Spelunking havent tried:(
May natutunan naman ako sa geography hehehe

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

i really wanted to travel but had small opportunities. soon, though, i will have travelogues din. haha ^_^

Anonymous said...

This didn't bore me at all, dear! I love everything about travel. I'm a wandering bikini right here!
Love that you came up with a travel diary widget, gives me an idea tho'!
Nostalgia. isn't?
I'm so happy that you are having some good vibes over there.
Happiness is a fulfillment of the heart, spirit and mind. Keep wearing that attitude!

Riza of Pour L'Instant

Apple Borbon said...

@sherene. oh, good! hahaha! try spelunking. it's sooo fun!!

@orange pulps. yes dear, when you get older. :)

@riza. i agree 'bout your thoughts on happiness. thank you for following! i followed you back ;)

Tsina said...

Gusto ko rin nito, pag may time ako, gayahin kita. Hehe.

Apple Borbon said...

@tsina. resign ka din teh. :P

Tsina said...

Hinanap ko pa ito dahil gagayahin ko. Sana maging successful ako. HAHAHA.