Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the art of overdressing

One lazy Sunday afternoon last month, we suddenly decided to go for a swim. Random swimming - it happens quite a lot. Check out here, here, and here. We either go to Grotto Vista or to Patio Isabel, both one jeepney away from our home. Add to that, both have minimal rates too. Talk about convenience!

It was my idea because I was hella bored; you know how I hate being bored. Fortunately, mommy {my cousin's wife} agreed with the idea. It's just fitting 'cause Elena {her cousin, the one we dragged to boxing} was about to go back to the province in few days.

You know the deal when our family has somewhere to go to, after we have decided on where to go and when to leave, we head to our own rooms/territories to prepare. We just check on each other to make sure everyone's keeping with the pace. We are all mabagal pero bawal ang sobrang bagal. :P Just as I checked with mommy and Elena, I found out that they're wearing maxi dresses. I brought Dana the news and we instantly changed to dressier outfits. Haha! That's how we end up being overdressed.

our little girl being adorable as always

Elena ♥
It was a little embarrassing going to the resort. I cannot count how many eyes stared at us. Hahaha! Good thing mommy has immeasurable confidence. Go lang ng gooo! :P

It was drizzling when we got to the resort so we had to begin with our pictorial inside the cottage. My sister was teasing me for being the most overdressed because of my dangling earrings. Hahaha! I realized she has a point so I gave mommy my earrings. Notice in the photos how the famous earrings transferred to mommy.

overdressed but who cares?

teens will always be annoying teens

When the drizzle got lighter, we hurried outside the cottage for more photo ops. It was quite a task though because mommy had to protect my camera from getting wet. We took a couple of photos then headed for a swim instead.

the overdressed kids by the bridge

by the swimming lessons area

Oh! And I'm not yet done with the overdressing stories. The truth, I only wear bikinis to the beach. I honestly do not know what came to my mind when I brought out my bag of bikinis while we were preparing.  I saw the excitement on Elena's face so I let her borrow one. Of course my sissy just won't allow getting  left behind so she chose a pair for herself too. Tadaaaa! We wore two-piece swimsuits in the pool. Hahaha! Glad I still saved the shorts for myself.

happy kiddos

here they go again. ugh.

By night time, there was some sort of a comedy show in front of the main pool. We sat by the stairs as we watched. Our little princess on the other hand had the time of her life as she pretended to swim like a mermaid. I swear she's just too adorable for words.

chillin' by the stairs

As we were enjoying the chlorine and all the pee by the pool, mommy had no choice but to stare and take photos. She's preggers with their second baby, that's why. Can't wait for Faye to act all grown-up around her younger sib but that would be for another story.

cousins ♥

We went home a little early considering we paid for night swimming. We could have stayed longer if not for the kiddo and the preggers but oh well.. we had fun still! We'll definitely miss this batangueña. 'Til next year. ♥



Ysh ♥ said...

I used to get those weird stares when I used to dress up whenever I go to out province! Lol. I learned my lesson and just dress up accordingly. :))

Anyway, I think not having to deal with weird stares is one of the things that every blogger wants.

I love your swimsuit, btw! :)

Apple Borbon said...

@ishna. i feel yaaahh!! the world should get used to fashionable people like us. hahaha thank you btw about the swimsuit. :)