Tuesday, April 30, 2013

just bored, apparently

Hiyyaa!! I have risen from the dead! I wanted to kick off my recovery through a blog post yesterday but apparently I didn't have words. I realized though that I was more capable physically so I just cleaned the mess brought about by my illness - fresh sheeeettss gaaahh!! ♥

Anyway, here are photos from a random swimming sesh with the mommy, the baby and the minion. As in sobrang naisipan lang and then off we go. Walang ligo-ligo, walang baon! We're spontaneous like that! 

kissy kissy with the baby :*

Just for the heck of it, we took few snaps by the poolside then began preparing for a swim. We wanted it that bad, you have no idea! By the way this was back in March so the burning desire is understandable. Ask them for a swim now and they'll kill your idea with how tan they are already. Haha!

baby and mommy

the minion! hihi! ✌

no-fuss outfit. yes?

We missed using our swimming skillz so much that we didn't mind the scorching heat of the sun and the possible body sore after. My sister and I also kept practicing how to tread. Since I learned how to swim, treading has become a new frustration. Oh well. One never runs out of dreams.

my girlaloo swimmers

swimming lessons... not!!

ain't the baby so koyoot?

And since we didn't have baon and it's a budget swimming, we simply had goto and isaw outside for merienda. Simple joys!! I swear the goto is so good. 

simple joys

After merienda, we went back to the resort for more swim. And guess what? We were the last people to leave the place! We wanted it badly, I told you! Convinced? :)



Olivr said...

pretty faces.

Eagleman said...

ang kyot kyot ng bata.. tsaka ikaw naden :)

xoxo_grah said...

ang cute ng baby nyo...oo nga at times talaga mas enjoy ang spontaneous getaway...go lang ng go...:)


sherene said...

mas maganda minsan kung wlang plano go lang ng go:)

chris said...

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Apple Borbon said...

@olivr & xan gerna. tama kayo jan. salamat. hahaha!

@xoxo_grah & sherene. you bet. go lang ng goooo!

@international directory blogspot. i'll be checking your blog out. :)