Tuesday, November 5, 2013

birthdays and photographs

Fitting for the holidays recently concluded, here's a post on our Holy Cross {Manila Memorial now but we're all used to calling it as that} stint mid last month. It was a celebration of lola Taas's and Tits's birthday. Tits is our aunt from papi's side, who by the way left us just 3 years ago, and lola taas is our grandmother from mama's side. Let's make this clear, lola Taas is very much alive and kickin'. Mahirap na, magkalituhan pa. :P They share exactly the same birth dates. Awesomesauce.

I don't know if I've said this before but I'll say it anyway, all of our days out as a family begin with photo ops. We won't leave the house unless we've taken photos. Ganun ka-oa!! It's usually either in our living room or Yags's, but this time lumevel up kami.. sa labas na ng bahay! Hahaha! But seriously, I've always taken pride of how my family turns the simplest things to something really fun. Picture picture lang, solb na!

la familia ♥

It's not entirely a different story the moment we arrive to our destination. Take this occasion for example, all we did was smile, pose and emote for the camera. Yes we brought nothing else but my camera to the cemetery but that shouldn't make us worthy of boredom. No freakin' way! Phbbtt!! But of course, just like in real pictorials, merong mas mataas ang billing than the others. Hahaha! Without a doubt, that would be my niece. Don't be deceived by her pretty face, she's hilarious!! Must be the genes, huh?


There's no beating my crazy niece in the craziness department but I'd say we put up a good fight, Dana especially when it comes to dumb-looking poses. Dana and Faye even have this equally dumb-looking dance moves. Hahaha! Sobrang tawang tawa ako the first time I saw it. I'll sneak a video of it one day, you like that?


Wait! Before you think na baliw-baliwan lang ang kaya namin, kaya din namin magpa-tweetums noh?!! Well, except for granny. She'd always say.. "wag na akooo, matanda na akooo". But eventually, she'd give in to our demands. Yung lang, she looks annoyed in the photos. Hahaha!

with ze annoyed birthday girl ♥

girlaloos minus mommy

outnumbered boys :P

Mommy on the other hand is a special case 'cause she feels ugly being preggo. Nauto lang namin sya with the photo below when we said Faye will hug her tummy bulge. Galing namiinnn!

After an hour or two, off we went to our second destination. Teneneeeenn, Grotto Church!! Unfortunately, it was a Tuesday and they didn't have a mass. We just sat there for a good 20 minutes or so to say our prayers then we hurriedly left the place. It was starting to get dark then and Yags did what he does best.. manakot! Hahaha!

By the way, here's a video of Faye walking towards the church. Feeling ko, ang artistic ng ginawa ko. Hahahah! Para eto lang, nagpumiling na naman ako when we got home. I kept on saying na pwede nang pang-indie film. Hahaha! Kapaaaal!!

Waiting for us at home was uhmm, food? Haha! Mommy's spaghetti was superb plus I surprisingly liked the non-chocolate cake. We also forced lola to blow her birthday candles. Yet another alibadbad moment for granny.

Capping this post with an OOTD photo. Yes, outfit shot at the cemetery. Ibahin nyo 'ko! Hahaha! Thanks baby girl for lending me your shoesieesss. Mine na lang? :D


Shayne ♥ said...

omg your niece is too cute! and ang posses panalong panalo! <3 kami naman in our family hindi mahilig sa photos haha ^^ ps. your pink skirt looks really good on you apple :)

Sybil said...

looking great in pink!!! your niece takes after you!! so cute!! hahaha!

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Apple Borbon said...

@shayne & libys11. thanks guys! you made me love that skirt more. :)

Manong Unyol said...

maganda yung grotto church, first time ko napuntahan yan noon namamgha ako sa structure niya gingya sa lourdes france :)