Sunday, November 10, 2013

never lose the child in you

That's right! Even if you're about to be a bridesmaid - or  a bride. You see, my best friend will tie the knot this coming December and that, obviously, will make me a bridesmaid in a month's time. Juskoday!!

So late last month, I went to their house to have my fats, bulges and short limbs measured for my gown. It was a heartbreaking encounter with the dressmaker. As you all know, my tummy is impossibly huge nowadays. It's embarrassing! And again, heartbreakinggg. 

BFF bonding came right after. She got us shakes and a dozen of donuts only to finish just two. Pasimpleng diet. :P Of course the afternoon was all about wedding stuff - prenup themes and outfits, save the date vids, wedding songs, reception gimiks and last but most definitely not the least, the scary gastos that comes with all the getting-married thing. It made me more cynical. Hahaha!

Speaking of prenup, her shoot was just few days away when we met and she was still friggin' unprepared. She had ideas on what to wear but nothing definite yet. I was the one panicking for her 'cause I'm the type who'd prepare {and even write down, goodness gracious} my outfit plans a week before a big day, sometimes even for small ones and most especially for travels. I am such an OC freaakkk, don't remind me.

Anyway, I pressured her of preparing that instant so my supposedly sukat-lang-pwede-magpambahay day became another trip to the most convenient mall eveerr, SM Fairview. I'm so glad I opted to wear a decent outfit instead of my rotten pambahay clothes, or else. And with rotten, I really mean the sobrang nipis, butas butas pa kind. Hehe.

We scored a belt that will match her available white dress for her casual look, then silver shoesies for her red dress for another theme. She's considering using the same shoes for her wedding because it was that elegant, not to mention pricey. Blame it on me!

After our grown-up errands, it was time to relive our inner child. We started with the energy-draining shooting. She made a whopping score of 124 points and was stepping on my ego with "anong nangyari sa 'yo best?". The next round, I made sure I beat her. Sweat, blood and tears! Haha! I finished with 144 points and it put my self-esteem back to pedestal. Hahaha! I kid, I kid.


We also wasted quite a number of tokens playing pachinko. It's super addicting!! It's a gambling device, what do you expect? We didn't effin' win, not even once. Oh well, loseerss.

you win some, you learn some hahaha

To cheer ourselves up, we surrendered our tickets at the booth for some candies. Yeeyy! We even divided the candies like we all used to do when we were kids, one for youuu, one for meeee, one for Appleee.. Hahaha! Madugas na bata! Although, we ended up sharing the candies as we strolled the mall a little more.


We ended the night with literally sizzling plates. Her treat again!! I wonder when will I be able to give back to all these friends who have been treating me to just about anything left and right. As much as I'm enjoying being this spoiled to friends, I also cannot wait to make it up to them. Insert conscience's voice: "Magtrabaho ka na kaseee."

thank you, best! :*

Having mentioned going back to work, hope I can finally lift my butt this month to do so. It's about time, little miss.

*excuse the blurry mobile photos



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