Thursday, November 21, 2013

after all these years

If there's one person I'm thankful for during my college years, that would be Tin. I cannot imagine going through hell for five years without her. I mean, I'm a self-proclaimed brainy so academically, I should say things were under control. But still, it's different when you have a constant companion - seatmate, groupmate, partner in crime, shopping buddy, breakfast/lunch/dinner date, shoulder to cry sleep on, kachismisan, katawanan hanggang sumakit ang tiyan. With her around, sorrow divides and JOY DOUBLES - literally though 'cause I'm Apple Joy and she's Kristine Joy. Hehehe. #sorrynotsorry

Five years after college, she's still a reason for gratitude. We've gone different paths, yes, but the genuine friendship remains. We no longer see each other everyday nor do we communicate often, but once we're together, we pick up where we left off - back to the crazy duo we once were.

and we call each other 'shoms' :P

Few days ago, she invited me for dinner. She wanted me to go to Makati but unfortunately, my limited street knowledge can only take me as far Boni. We had to settle with Megamall. You're welcome, Henry Sy. :P And because it was her treat, we had to satisfy her cravings - pizza and pasta! Sinubukan ko pang kumontra pero wala talaga. Better luck next time, dear self.

Guess what came next after dinner? You have your guesses? Yes?? Oh, Good! Now, if you whispered to yourself CAMWHORING then you're absolutely right. Ang galing mo! Apir! But truth be told, I'm not really a big cam whore {wehh?}. I just find it fun when you have someone to look silly with. Damay damay naaa!

fave ❤

We had to leave early 'cause Tin has work the next day. No amount of bribe stopped her. Mabuhay ka Tin, isa kang dakilang empleyado! Hahaha! ✌ On a more serious note, the night may be bitin but it's still darn worthy of travelling all the way from our rural village. It made me realize more how blessed I am with friends, not just because of their endless treats but more of the fact that they actually want to be with me. Akalain nyo yun!


June | Life and Spices said...

Ang sarap talaga ng feeling na may ganyan na friend na you can be what you really are. Be as crazy as you want.

Hahaha, akala ko naman nanuod kayo ng sine after dinner. Camwhoring pala..lels.

Things like this, mas gusto ko sleep over with food tas movie marathon.. kaso ang ending chismisan.. hehehe

Aiza said...

You're lucky to have her as a friend. She reminds me of my girl friend din who lives a little bit far from we. We only see each other like 5 times a year or less.

Sybil said...

sarap naman ng pasta! hahah! :D

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Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

hehe...akala ko rin nood ng sine ang kasunod, camwhoring pala. ;)

this reminds me of my college friends, pero dahil may kanya-kanya ng buhay at malalayo na sa isa't-isa, seldom na lang magkita. Kaka-miss...

Czarina Mae said...

Both you and your friends look beautiful in those photos! You guys look like you really enjoy spending time with each other :)

Love the way you write! Gonna follow your blog xx

Apple Borbon said...

@june. i love sleepovers with friends too. pati na rin ang chismisan. :P

@miss 'c. i've seen her 3 times this year. let's see kung madadagdagan.

@libys11. yiep, sarap!

@tal. who knows, a reunion might happen soon. ;)

@czarina mae. thank you! i'll be checking out your blog.