Monday, November 11, 2013


I'm finally sporting a shorter do after what felt like forever. Plus it's straight again. Thanks to Monique for tagging me along. I was with her last year too so I guess it's official, I found my vanity buddy. Yayyy!!

I already posted the details of the salon here and here; feel free to check 'em out. You can either go for Lito or Lance. Trust me! They are both nice and fun. Just bring out your own kakulitan and it won't be a boring salon sesh for sure.

On to my hairstyle, it's the shortest possible with my hair condition - dyed, dry, brittle. Hehe. Although it was close to one of my options, just a little longer. I was considering pixie cut too but Lance was honest enough to tell me that it'll only look good at first but it'll be really, really bad as soon as my hair starts to grow. I completely ditched the idea when he told me I might look like a mushroom when that happens. Hahaha! Picture short and poofy hair. Oo nga naman.

I hate how my hair is half black and half brown but I still have to wait for two months before I can dye it again. Oh well papel. Lance suggested medium golden blonde for my next hair color but I have yet to think about it. Me? Blonde? Whuutt?!!

After hours and hours of rebonding torture at the salon, Monique and I chilled at Jamba Juice - her treat! What did I do to deserve all these treats? Enlighten me! Anyway, she got banana berry while I got strawberries wild. We tried both and I liked mine better. She liked hers better too. Good choices, mademoiselles.

get your brain freeze on!

I am guessing this would knock down my Starbucks addiction. Especially now that another doctor told me I shouldn't be taking in caffeine in any form, emphasis on soda and coffee. #SMH


cheekeegirl said...

I'm also thinking of having a short hair too. How much is rebonding in that length of hair you have?

Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

I miss having my hair rebonded, back to curly hair muna, I have to choose between rebonded or colored hair, I chose the latter, di kase keri ng hair ko both, sobrang nagiging dry and brittle. Love your straight hair...kainggit. ;)

Sybil said...

your hair looks great!!! so shiny!! :D

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June | Life and Spices said...

Well you're hair suited you well. First time here!
You're a good friend kaya ka linibre nung friend mo o masaya lang siya kaya nanlibre siya.. heheh

Eagleman said...

ganda mo ate hehe :)
swerte mo din sa friend mo nanlilibre haha! sana may ganung friend din ako :)

Shayne ♥ said...

dont worry sis if you keep growing it out it will be ombre style hair <3 i think it will look pretty on you :)

Apple Borbon said...

@chekeegirl. go for it! :) 1k any length at victor ortega.

@tal. mine's dry and brittle too. rebonded and dyed at the same time. hihi.

@libys11. thaaannks!

@june. thanks for dropping by. i'm a good friend, me thinks.

@eagleman. thank you, kuya! :P

@shayne. thanks sis. but i doubt if can wait til it become ombre. i'd probably dye it next month.