Monday, May 19, 2014

same old silly kids

So ze girls of the fambam visited lolo late last month at Sanctuario de Paz and if there's one thing I realized that day, it's this -- we're still same old silly kids lolo left seven years back. Seven yearsss, yet sometimes I still can't believe it's been that long. Perhaps 'cause nothing much has changed since, or nothing grand at least. Of course I've graduated already, worked for a couple of years, transferred from one crib to another, been to places and tried whatever; but now that I'm back to square one, I feel like I'm back to my 20-year-old self & that I have all the rights to be silly all over again. Pause muna with trying so hard to be mature as demanded by my then role. Ang saya kaya magloka-lokahaannnn! Mwahaha! And loka-lokahan was what we did exactly -- perpetual laughing, piggy back rides, hilarious make face-ing, and a serious case of posing posing. Hehehe! I'm pretty sure lolo understands, happy even, to witness his apos go cray-cray around him just like the old times. And because I'm having a hard time putting my thoughts into words, I'm leaving you with a ton of photos ahead. I edited them a little well for y'all! Bask in! :)

chillin' with lolo ❤

generation gap right thurr!
can't get lolie to smile :)

here's to choosing happiness -- always!

my girls ❤

never too old for piggy back rides
dumb & dumber ✌

How'd you like 'em?



Glamour ZONE said...

Love your sandals,great look dear
Your casual look is very chic
Keep intouch

Czarina Mae said...

Ang sweet talaga ng family mo :) I love that candid shot of you! Nag raradiate off screen yung happiness mo. Haha! :) Have a nice day! <3

Sybil said...

love how you're always smiling and optimistic!! :D

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Unknown said...

Hooray! for visiting your Lolo. I can't wait to visit my Lolo and Lola too :) Will leave the city this week.

I enjoy your post as always, can't wait to have my post like this with my sibs.

btw, taga saan ka sa Cal? (kung maka Cal eh noh?)

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Unknown said...

Such a cute outfit and you look so happy! Followed your blog now, check mine out as well?

June | Life and Spices said...

Almost same lang pala post naten recently. Si papa 4 years na. How time so fly so fast no. Next time mag fashion shoot din ako sa grave ni papa. Ayus dun kasi matataas na grass backgrounds! lels

chocolate fashion said...

pretty, fallow?

ღღČяїstinEεїз said...

looks like you had a wonderful time with your family Apple! I love spending time with my family too. The photographs in post captured te precious moments you had with your fam :)

love lots,

Apple Borbon said...

@glamour zone. aww! thanks, dear!

@mae. nagra-radiate yung kaloka-lokahan ko. hehehe! :)

@libys11. yayy thanks!

@jewel. yayy looking forward to your post. :) the part of caloocan that's near bulacan na. :)

Apple Borbon said...

@elaine. thanks, dearie! followed you back.

@june. goo! i'm sure your papa would understand. ingat lang sa damo. hahaha! :)

@agnes. yass!

@tin. wonderful time, indeed. thanks for dropping by!