Thursday, May 15, 2014

our kiddie crew in action

A few weeks back, my niece joined McDo's Kiddie Crew Workshop. To give you an idea of the said program, and to make my life easier, I stole these lines from their website.. "The McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is a 5-day summer program specially designed for kids ages 6-12 years old. During each workshop day, Kiddie Crew members will get to experience on-floor training like greeting customers and assisting the crew at the drive-thru and front counters; showcase their skills through creative art workshops; and learn the importance of hard work, discipline and teamwork, through values formation lessons." Whew! Got that? :) My niece is actually just four but if I understand it correctly, they assess the kids as they register. She obviously got in 'cause yah knoww, she isn't your typical four-year-old. Have I mentioned she'll be a prep student come the next school year? #stageauntforeverrrr

Anywayyy, I was down with cough and colds when it started so no matter how psyched I was, I just couldn't go with them. I promised my Wednesday instead and on top of that, I announced to the world via my numerous social media accounts what my niece is up to. "Hear ye, hear yeee! Faye gets a taste of the real world today." Hehehe!

first day ❤

I honestly can't recall what happened exactly but the next day {that's Tuesday}, I found myself tagging along with Yags {her daddeyyy} and Faye -- sniffing, sneezing and all! I seriously hope I didn't infect anyone that day especially the kids. Oh well, I'll never know. Hehehe! But what I know for sure is that I documented that day like crazy. What's new with that, anyway? :)

Their second workshop day started with the usual assembly where they greet each other, pray, practice their lines, and fall in line to have their uniforms checked and their hands washed one by one. At syempree, aliw na aliw na naman ako watching her interact with the other kids. Whatever she lacks in height, she makes up for it with her cuteness. Heehee! The other kids were obviously fond of her too. Kurot ditoo, kurot doon! Aguy! She even had an "ate" from her co-kiddie workers who looks after her. Both of them were assigned in the counter first.

ayun langgg

In the counter, each kid was paired up with a real crew. Their task was to help out in preparing the orders -- fries, burgers, chicken meals, sundaes, drinks. Too bad they weren't allowed to touch the cash register. I know deep inside my niece was dying to play pera-perahan. Hehehe! Remember I helped her beg for a cash register back when was two {turning three in a month, actually}? Despite that, she seemed to enjoy being in the counter. She was all smiles and she kept on waving. Seeing the customers entertained made me ecstatic too. Haayy. Can you tell I'm my niece's #1 fan? :P

Among the bajillion photos I took, those in the next three collages are my favorite. (1) They had to carry her in order to fill the sundae's cup with soft ice cream. Hashtag small girl problems ulet! Hahaha! They had a ladder for the small ones during the first day but I have no idea why they ditched it for the second day. Ayan tulooyy! Hehehe! (2) I just find her so koyoot carrying two soft drink cups at once. No spills! Although obviously, hirap na hirap! Aww. Our poor little worker. :P (3) And lastly, her effort to put the chicken on the tray. Everything's just too high for her but there's no denying her perseverance. Nakakatuwa!

chika time! :)

Then the two groups switched places. It was Faye and her group mates' turn to greet the customers with "Hi, good morning! Welcome to McDonald's!" or "Thank you for cominggg! See us agaiinnnn!" Hehehe! And with hand gestures pa yun, ah! Although she cooperated, it was obvious that she loved being in the counter better. After a few minutes of standing by the entrance, she showed signs of boredom aka hikab, yuko, squat and playing with her shoesies and fingers. She just couldn't stay put! Hahaha!

half of her group mates
that's her "ate" on her right :)

yet another chikahan!

Next was eating timee! They served the kids burger and iced tea and Faye went like "di ko favorite yan" referring to the burger. Hahaha! Such a frank kiddo! But even before that, Yags anticipated what's gonna happen and bought her fries instead. It was our chance to rest and eat too!

After their break, they practiced the song they're going to perform on their recognition day. Then shortly after that, they painted their own aprons! I loved how McDo injected art to their daily activities. Aside from the apron, they also took home a hat on the fourth day to paint at home. Super sulit for P595! For more information on this program, check out their website. It's still ongoing!

I'll try to hunt for more photos from the rest of their workshop days. I also haven't seen her "Let It Go" performance during their recognition day so we all have to wait until her parentals get to post the vid. I taught her the lyrics so I can't wait to see how it turned out. As for the tune, we have to thank YouTube for that. Wala na kong kinalaman dun. And no, I'm not kidding. Hahaha! :)



June | Life and Spices said...

Ang cute cute ni Faye sa may counter! hahaha. I'm sure aliw na aliw mga customers sa mga batang nag a-assist. Ang tatangkad pala talaga ng kasabayan niya. Well A for hard work and determination then! Very supportive tita as usual!

Melgie Campbell said...

That is an aweaome workshop for kiddies this summer. Faye is xute overload. :)

Czarina Mae said...

Ano pa ba masasabi ko? Eh di ang cute and adorable sobra ni Faye! hahaha. Pero this time we see another side of her. Instead of the usual model and sassy Faye, ngayon alam na namin yung hard-working and persevering side niya! And to think that she's only 4 years old and yung mga kasama is 6-12. Definitely not the typical 4 y.o ;)

And you're really the best aunt na talaga! Halos lahat ng important days and experiences ni Faye nandun ka to support and to document all the bits and pieces :)

Best aunt+niece tandem <3 haha!

Jewel Delgado said...

omg! ang cute cute cute! :3 I also interact with kids at Mcdo near sa office. :)

Good activity and experience talaga for kids! :)

Jewel Clicks

Apple Borbon said...

@june. heehee! go-getter in the making ata yung pamangkin ko. :P

@melgie. thanks! :)

@mae. perks of being a bum! when I get back to work, I'm sure absent na naman ako sa mga family events! hehehe! :)

@jewel. you saw their kiddie crew? ang saya nila panoorin noh? :)

Shane said...

cute... that was a nice summer activity for children. :D