Saturday, May 10, 2014

tekken nights and ice cream fixes

I have to admit I sorely miss the "grand" life. Not that I literally lived a grand life but I know you get it.. travel and adventures, shopping, daily dose of expensive coffee and well, everything else in between my then corporate duties. For the record, I've been a bum for fifteen freakin' months already. Soon enough, I'll have the audacity to let everyone know exactly what I'm going through but for the meantime, let me tell you one among probably a hundred of life lessons this drama taught me. People, LITTLE THINGS MATTER.

Here's another truth: I've always been so difficult to please. I laugh at funny quips easily; I laugh way too often but ironically, hindi talaga mababaw ang kaligayahan ko. In fact, I've always had high standards for each and every single thing. Those who know me personally can attest to that. Then, this whole life drama happened. A lot of things were stripped from me -- good health, fast-tracked career, the luxurious living. I couldn't really say that I reached rock-bottom because my family and friends kind of saved me but for someone who's never went through trials growing up, susss, ang hirap nito! Anywayyy, my point is that after I've lost so much, I learned to be more appreciative. It feels good din pala to get giddy over the simplest things. Nowadays, a good playlist, a nice quote I can relate to, a twitter mention, an instagram like, or a blog comment can make my day. Also, I now look forward to simple days out with the fam bam or friends. Hindi na kailangan ng 3 days, 2 nights out of town trips to get me excited for the next day. Haha! And although I'm praying to get back the life I used to live, I ought to keep the wisdom I got & will still get from this tough phase. :)

Andddd, speaking of little things.. Here are two nights of Tekken and ice cream fix that I happen to appreciate a lot! See what I did there? Aminin nyooo! Ang galing ko sumegueee!! Hehehe! So first night, it was just us four -- the kids, I mean. We started with my all-time favorite basketball shooting. I'm just sooo glad I have my not-so-bebe brother to share this addiction with. The sisters joined in the fun too but of course, with a different level of enthusiasm, if you get what I mean.

my score right thurrr

my brother's :)

Then Anit and Gigi, my sister and brother respectively, introduced Tekken to me and Dana. I know I know, we're losers like that. Personally, I was never a gamer! I remember being taught Counter Strike way back God knows when and all I did was to shriek like crazy. Hahaha! I'm a self-confessed reyna ng hysteria so what can you expect? And with Tekken, it's no different. I was in total panic the first time I tried. Bummer! I was screaming; I was shaking. Even Dana was in sweat out of nervousness. Talk about being first-timers. Pero eto ang twist! I actually won once and guess against who?!! Bwahaha! Against my brothaaa!!! There's hope, after all.

gotcha, bebeee! ✌

Next stop: another videoke sesh! None of the songs we sang survived my poor memory but I do remember that we danced our way towards the end of our one hour session. And oh, we took groufies too. Yep, if there's such a thing as selfie, these days, meron na ring groufie. Self-explanatory, right? But if you don't quite get it, come onnn, it's about time you wake up those braincells! Hehehe! Kiddingggg! :)

We capped off the night with an ice cream fix. You see, a FamilyMart branch just opened in Fairview Terraces. They're known for their twirl-all-you-can pakulo and we obviously weren't able to help it, we just had to jump on the bandwagon. It's worth a try if you ask me! For 25 pesos, you get a sweet belgian cone and the chance to fill it up with ice cream as high as you can. Twirling was fun actually! In the end, Dana and Gigi did a good job while Anit and I sucked at it. Tawang-tawa kami especially with Anit's work! It would have been a genetic freak ice cream serving if it was living. That bad!

Second night of our Tekken + ice cream night, we were able to drag our dear mommaa with us. We made her twirl her own ice cream with the help of Dana. Funny how she kept on whining while we were waiting in line. Yes folks, may pila! Mom said something like, "first and last, first and last". Hehehe! Meaning she has no plans of ever lining up again for the sake of a single ice cream serving. Her work turned out fine though. Wheww!

Then it was Tekken time once again. It was mama's turn to try the game for the first time. As expected, she's even more hilarious than we were. I actually got the tarantahin genes from her so just imagine. She was sooo confused with the keys and she was laughing non-stop to the point she momentarily stops playing from time to time. I even took a video of her and it kind of went viral over Facebook 'cause get this -- she's a teacher! Hahaha! Sorry, mom! :P

Now, here's what I've been waiting for! The chance to brag that I was the most improved player of the night. Hahaha! I was on a winning streak just before we left. I beat them allllll! Mwahahaha! And mind you, I really didn't know what I was doing. The pindot-bahala technique plus the random choosing of characters did the trick. The pros weren't able to use their fave characters and so the lucky one {eheeeem} prevailed! It wasn't a walk in the park though, dugo't pawis, at maraming nerbyos ang puhunan. Hehehe!

ito ang sinasabi kooo
nerbyoooos! :P

These nights were fun, yes, but I'm definitely looking forward to having papi with us the next time around. That would be twice as hilarious, I bet! Help us convince him to tag along next time, mmkaay? :)



Joy said...

Nice happy bonding woth family:)

ZaiZai said...

Totally agree - little things do matter :) Especially when it's little or simple things from / spent with our family of friends.

Saya ng bonding nyo! I could imagine your mom na natataranta dahil sa Tekken :) Advance Happy Mother's Day to her! :)

Czarina Mae said...

Hehe ang saya namannn :) I agree na kahit simple moments like this super enjoyable rin :) And 'di ba yung basta pindot technique naman talaga ginagamit sa Tekken? What, hindi ba? O baka tayo nga lang :P Hahaha! Anyway belated Happy Mother'd Day to your mumsie! :)

Unknown said...

This is great bonding with family, napaka thrilling talaga ang mga ganyang laro. Kahit ako with my siblings kung makatili kami kala mo kung ano na. :D

Great post!


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Apple Borbon said...

@joy. thanks po! :)

@zaizai. yes yes! i'm glad I finally realized that. heehee! :)

@mae. hahaha! i'm guessing tayo lang. belated happy mother's day to your mommeh too!:)

@jewel. nakooo, gets na gets ko yung tilian na yan. hahaha! thanks, jewel! :)