Sunday, July 27, 2014

movie nights x impromptu sleepover

I HAVE TO. I really have to. I mean, write about these despite the fact that they happened more than a month ago already. I've been neglecting this blog, obviously. At one point, I even thought of declaring an official blog hiatus. Hahaha! Who am I kidding? Just the thought of needing to catch up in the near future makes me wanna barf.

Anywayy, have you heard I actually watched TFIOS twice? It's funny how I had an entirely different plan at first but uh, apparently the world isn't a wish-granting factory. Hehe! Gusto nyo yun? Maipilit lang! :P And in case you're wondering, I originally challenged myself to watch the movie alone, and of course just once. I felt like it's the best thing to do since I knew for sure that my tear glands will betray me. I read the book twice -- okay, maybe thrice -- and I always sob towards the end. *dies in shame* But while I was deciding whether or not to take the self-imposed challenge, the universe unexpectedly took away the liberty from me.

Change of plans. I had to catch the most-awaited film with Tin and Jhov. Gawdd, the sacrifices I make for friends. Hahaha! I was with Jhov, the resident movie buddy {case in point A, B, C and D!}, when I first saw it. And my thoughts on the movie? :) I expected it to be faithful to the book and boyyy, WAS IT FAITHFUL! I'm not eloquent enough to do a movie review nor do I know the standards of the people who do them but for me, it was a great adaptation. Josh Boone made me cry just as John Green did. It was such a tear jerkerrr!

WAIT. At this point I realized I have more thoughts about the movie but also, I have decided not to drone on. Who knows, I might join the book & movie review bandwagon soon. ;) Anobayaan, kakasabi ko lang na I'm not eloquent enough. Ang gulo ko? Hahaha!

But one more point just in case that review thing doesn't push through -- AUGUSTUS WATERS IS ANSEL ELGORT!!! He killed it! He really did! The charm.. The confidence.. Sya talaga yun, promise! Hehehe! And to think, I was disappointed the first time I found out that he'll play the role of Gus. I actually felt the same way about Shailene and well, uhmm, I still think someone else can do it better than she did. Plus, she looks too matured for Hazel. IDK. Maybe I just don't like her, period. But I'm still hoping I made sense. Hehe!

Going back to my TFIOS sesh with Jhov, shopping followed after the movie. Naging shoppingera na talaga ang lola nyo! And just like the usual, I was her personal assistant slash stylist. She's a Uniqlo fan, by the way, and I hate how I can't get her to prefer Forever 21. She said she gets overwhelmed with the latter; I get bored with the former. Oh well. Anyway, we capped off the day with tsismisan over early dinner.

polish selfie x OOTD

For my second TFIOS night, I was with Tin. It was rather impromptu because we had absolutely no plans for the day. The popular VLeague photographer just wanted to visit me. Yun lang naman. Gusto lang naman akong bisitahin ng sikat. Hahaha! So she traveled all the way from their civilized home to our rural area to spoil me with donuts and coffee. Then while catching up, the idea of watching TFIOS -- re-watching for my case -- was brought up. And since I'm such a great friend, we went ahead. :P

Now this is something I'm so proud of. Hahaha! I didn't cry the second time I watched the movie! I finally got immune with the story. Aba ay dapat lang naman. Hehe! Tin didn't cry also. Ang pusong bato lang? But I guess it's just a matter of how you let yourself get involved with something. It has always been my technique when I don't want people to see me cry -- I do not take things by heart. Simple, right? But with TFIOS, I kind of indulged myself. Pagbigyan nyo na 'ko, paminsan minsan lang naman. :)

thanks Tin for this mash-up! :)

short F21 stint

Come parting time, Tin and I had a little arte-artehan. I won't divulge the whole story but in a nutshell, eto yun: ANG CLINGY NAMIN! We prolonged the night by staying in a nearby Jollibee that's open 24 hrs. And no dull moments still, kahit antok na antok na ko by that time. In the end, let's just say I WON and she ended up sleeping over our house. We're spontaneous like that!

The next day, we spent almost the entire morning playing and hammock-ing with Faye. We had a couple of hilarious videos but they are for personal consumption only. Sorry, folks! There's no way I'd ruin this post by sharing my bagong gising look. I hope y'all understand. Hehe! Of course, I'm kidding because it's not like you would want to see. Anyway, I missed the blogosphere. Blog hopping in 3..2..1! :)



Melgie Campbell said...

I love seeing ur photos. I been out fir a week. Im glad and happy yo be back home and of course blogging. :)

Glamour ZONE said...

Great post
Amazing pictures and love your rings

Sybil said...

love the ring and nails!!! :D

Animated Confessions

ZaiZai said...

Pereho tayo Apple, I am a huge Forever 21 fan. Uniqlo bores me for some reason hehe.

You have seen TFIOS twice na, I have yet to see it pa. Made me feel such a loser - haha kidding :)

Don't go on a hiatus ha, we'll miss you!

Mindy Fan said...

hehe I know how you feel! I went on a huge blog break as well. ohh I had to google TFIOS to know what it was lol.. I'm a bit slow right now.
I haven't read the book or seen the movie, but I know the ending is sad from my friends. I am the worst at sad movies so I'm not sure if I will be watching this one..

Your outfit of the day sounds really nice and your nails!! They are so pretty!!!

Jewel Delgado said...

awww... I like your shorts! :) Saya mo talaga! :D

Apple Borbon said...

@melgie. yayy! welcome back to blogging! :)

@glamour zone & libys. i lost that ring alreadyyyy! :'(

@zai. heehee! thanks, zai! glad to know you guys will miss me. :P nakoo, go watch TFIOS! sobrang tearjerkerrr! :)

@mindy. finally, someone who doesn't seem to be interested with TFIOS. you're one of a kind! heehee! :)

@jewel. I DIY-ed that shortssss! :)